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Amsterdam Conference

Posted by African Press International on May 28, 2007

Diaspora Investment Economic Transformation Conference- Amsterdam ( DIETC)Friday June 6th 2007

Arrival, Registrations and briefings:

Saturday July 7th 2007

1. 9:15am —– 9:30am – – DIETC Introduction By Mr. William Oduor.

2. 9:30am—–10:30 am – – Developement Initiaves At Yala Swamp Mr. Calvin Burges.

1) Presentations:

10.30am-11:30. Mobilising and Networking the Diaspora for Development?????

Women Presentations: 11:15pm—12.15pm

a)Dominion Farms Women Contribution By MS. Barbara Waterson

b) The Role of Diaspora Women By Ms. Phyllis Sutter

c) Women Empowerment: ?????????

d) Young Women and Education: By Ms. Awuor Achayo

2) Early Lunch Break – 12:15pm —- 2.00pm

3) Afternoon Session 2:00pm——3.30pm

a) Investment opportunities in Kenya By. Mr. Sebbastian Onyango

b) Village Community Based Organizations Initiatives By Mr. Kenyanetto Toure

c) Incorporating Diaspora Group in Dominion Partnership with Dominion Investments

in Kenya. By Mr. George Omondi Buoga

d) Diaspora Economic Initiatives ???????????????

e) Incorporating Diaspora Group in Partnership with Dominion By Mr. Lameck A. Obiero

4)Future Development Initiatives 3.30pm—- 4.50pm.


  1. Dominion Investments in Kenya By Mr. Calvin Burgess and delegates

  2. The way forward and deliberations by Mr. Nakinson Osare.


5)Closing comments: 4.50—17.00pm.

Vote of thanks: Sebastian Onyango.

6)Evening Social Event: Diaspora Dance (Mpaka Chee)

7) Sunday July 8th 2007

Comparing notes All


For more information and Abstract Submission, please contact:

Mr. William Oduor —

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Uganda: “When the sky experiences turbulence then the ground is stable otherwise it would not hold”, according to Mao Zedong – the Chinese hero

Posted by African Press International on May 28, 2007

Are Mukula, Muhwezi and Kaboyo sacrificial lambs?

CHINESE hero Chairman Mao Zedong used to say: “when the sky experiences turbulence then the ground is stable otherwise it would not hold.”
The arrest early this week of Capt. Mike Mukula, Dr Alex Kamugisha and Ms. Alice Kaboyo, and police pursuit of Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Jim Muhwezi over alleged corruption in the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation (GAVI) donor project shows strong progress in Uganda’s governance.

Muhwezi, Mukula and Kaboyo have claimed they acted on behalf of some powerful people including President Yoweri Museveni and thereby portrayed themselves as ‘political sacrificial lambs’.
Mukula alleges ‘political persecution’ which, if true, he should take heart because he will prove it and his innocence before the courts of law. It is unfortunate they have been joined by sections of the political class to peddle this line when in fact they acted individually, and possibly genuinely.

It is the usual tactic used to hoodwink ordinary people, which should not succeed. Initially there was opposition-driven apprehension that the IGG’s report would amount to nothing since those named are deemed ‘well-connected’ to State House only by reasons of ethnicity.

The same group has wagged its tongue with conspiracy theories that Muhwezi and Kaboyo were ‘tipped off’ by Museveni to flee prosecution. General Moses Ali who was once arrested, jailed and prosecuted for alleged treason once said that imprisonment is a ‘professional hazard’ for a politician, and as such Muhwezi, Mukula, and Kamugisha ought to carry their crosses for alleged failure to do due diligence as the supervisors in the health ministry.

Investigations by the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Justice Faith Mwondha requested by Museveni indicate political collusion, bureaucratic ineptitude and timidity to abuse office, financial fraud, forgery and theft using Museveni and First Lady Janet’s names in the hope they would not be discovered. It is the reason some went into a media campaign and courts of law to challenge the IGG’s powers, quash the report, block arrest and prosecution, and drag Museveni into the sewer, a strategy that must be defeated.

It cannot be true or fair for Muhwezi and Kaboyo to claim Museveni knew and authorised them to fraudulently access, spend and account in the way they have been exposed. Logically, Museveni couldn’t have authorised investigations that would implicate him. Even if it were true it does not absolve Muhwezi of the responsibility of receiving money allegedly for the First Lady’s programme but keeping a huge balance of sh210m!

Why should a minister directly requisition, receive and keep public money on behalf of the First Lady? Was it for lack of a permanent secretary or a bank account? This case highlights how presidential requests, instructions or directives are misconceived, misrepresented and misapplied for private benefit because officials know few people will know let alone question.

Museveni’s recent proposal over the Mabira forest reserve for sugarcane growing is a case in point. His views were misrepresented. The Mabira proposal was transmitted in raw form by Prime minister Apolo Nsibambi to environment minister Maria Mutamba as a ‘directive’ and if it had not been for popular public uproar it would have been implemented! I believe it is a national duty to give candid advice to the president and question his proposals through appropriate channels to ensure responsibility.

This saga exposes loopholes in donor-driven projects where accountability is more to the givers than to recipients otherwise ministers wouldn’t have direct control over such colossal sums. This and the Global Fund scandal are sordid reflections of ineptitude, impunity, and arrogance that feed into greed by those who for long claimed political proximity to Museveni and were growing confident enough to exploit and blackmail him.

While Muhwezi, Mukula, Kamugisha and Kaboyo are all nice, jolly and hardworking NRM activists whose loyalty is not questionable, it is sad they have gone into a ditch. The ground is stable and we individually support them to get justice but none should be allowed to seek or gain populist sympathies because the offences cut across the political spectrum and were individually committed.

Allegations of selectivity don’t arise because as the saying goes ‘every dog has its own day’ and Muhwezi will answer independently. Claims by Teso MPs that Mukula is a sacrificial lamb for Muhwezi’s alleged ‘bigger role’ is a false excuse from Mukula’s known opponents trying to wail louder than the bereaved.

It is intended to lure NRM members that possibly there is political purge of those allegedly seen as potential claimants to the throne, which Muhwezi, Mukula and Kamugisha should not fall to.

Questions can be raised about the arrests, zeal, and possible police professional incompetence but they were legal and necessary since in the recent past some high profile leaders tried to defeat law enforcement. In the NSSF saga, former minister Zoe Bakoko Bakoru, Managing Director Leonard Mpuuma and businessman James Isabirye Mugoya have to-date defied court summons and their lawyers cannot explain.

Also in the recent city riots Ken Lukyamuzi ran away from police until his lawyer Abdu Katuntu produced him. In more dramatic and violent instances opposition politicians Dr Kizza Besigye, Hussein Kyanjo, Erias Lukwago, Beatrice Anywar, and Odonga Otto mobilised their supporters and goons to beat up police to prevent law enforcement including obstructing court proceedings.

It was therefore reasonable for police to act fast because once beaten, twice shy!

Posted to APN/API by A Good Muganda

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Cote d’Ivoire Bank Group (ADB), being held in Shanghai, China, pleads for the return of the institution to Abidjan

Posted by African Press International on May 28, 2007

Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) Cote d’ Ivoire, which participated in the annual meetings of the African Development Bank Group (ADB), being held in Shanghai, China, was to plead for the return of the institution to Abidjan, APA has learnt from diplomatic sources.

This annual assembly, which ended 17 May, will allowed the experts to review ADB’s situation since its relocation to Tunis after the war broke out in September 2002 in Cote d’Ivoire which until then housed the headquarters.

Hope for peace came back in the country with the Ouagadougou peace agreement which led to the appointment of Guillaume Soro, former rebel leader, as Prime Minister.

During a recent mission to Tunis, Soro reasserted the commitment of Ivorian authorities to peace, and guaranteed the ADB president, Donald Kaberuka, of the security of the agents and their families once they return to Abidjan.

“The issue of ADB returning to Cote d’Ivoire is discussed at high level and is not related to the financial re-enlisting,” Racine Kane, ADB representative in a multi-sectional mission in Abidjan together with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, said Monday evening after an audience with President Laurent Gbagbo in Abidjan.

The Bretton Woods financial institutions said they are ready to accompany the peace process through a financial support.

“The IMF is ready to financially support Cote d’Ivoire towards peace. That depends, of course, on the decisions made in Washington,” said Arend Kouwenaar, IMF head of mission for Cote d’Ivoire in Washington.

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Posted by African Press International on May 28, 2007

This goes to those who are looking for love through the internet,well,I would say that it works sometime ,but in many cases that i know,girls are usually used and dumped.I think its better to look for someone who is not far from the city that you reside in,for example if you live in Sweden get someone who lives in Norway,Finland and Denmark,if you reside in Kenya get someone who lives in Tanzania or Uganda.Its unfortunate that our sisters in Africa would of course love to get someone who lives in Europe, the U.S and Japan ,since they are looking for the green pasture.

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After 7 days of having been used thouroghly, things started to change…the internet crook decided to speak his mind off…”I dont love you anymore”…”I have no feelings for you”..What? Miss X replied…she was so surprised and did not know what to do..the crook told her that she should leave the next day….she calls her acquaintance in sweden and explains the situation.Fortunately,he advices her to take the morning bus and heads to Sweden.

We tried to call this crook,threatened to call cops on him..but we realised that we are far away from home and we might not be listened.J.U.S.T B.E.W.A.R.E O.F T.H.E I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T L.O.V.E!!!…….tips to be advised later….butdoisay!!!! read more on

True story:Clay Onyango

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Jared Odero – resignation as ODM-K Scandinavia chapter Vice-treasurer, may have triggered anger among his friends in Stockholm

Posted by African Press International on May 28, 2007

APN/API was recently threatened by a person by name Jared Odero who says he lives in Sweden.

The man called APN/API, warning that he never wanted to see any comments mentioning his name to be published on our site. During his long telephone talk with APN/API, he warned that unless his name was edited out from all comments, he will hold APN/API editorial responsible.

He insisted that he wanted APN/API to trace the origin of the comments touching on his personality because he wanted to report the matter to the police.

When APN/API could not trace the origin immediately, he got very angered and called APN/API more than 20 times.

In the end, he told APN/API that he suspected a man by name Ayukoh Peter to be the one scandalising his name and wanted APN/API to connect any negative comments to him and mail the comments so that he could use it to take up the matter against Ayukoh Peter, a request APN/API refused to submit to.

In a very long email to APN/API, Odero is in fact accusing himself and when he was informed that APN/API will make public his email to our editorial, he stopped calling and has so far kept a low profile.

APN/API is considering to make public Odero’s email.

At the same time, we would like to make it clear to our readers that it is not our duty to trace the original point of any comment. It is also important to know that we do not assist those who want to sue other readers due to comments they send in to us. Let it also be clear that any emails send in to us, may be made public if APN/API finds it necessary to do so.

Odero resigned as ODM-K Scandinavia chapter vice-treasurerin March this year. In his resignation letter, he lashes out at ODM-K Scandinavia members and leadership accusing themthat they “Lack of collective drive/push.” His troubles may have started here, generating negative comments directed against him.

Surprisingly, he chose to resign while out of Sweden, a thing he could have waiteduntil he got back. He also had the opportunity to take it up internally with the other committee members.

Here-below is the full text of his resignation letter that he mailed to ODM-K Scandinavia from South Africa where he was on a short visit:

Oderos resignation letter:

Dear Committee Members,

Greetings from Johannesburg in South Africa. Am here meeting my research partners and the weather is cool, partly sunny, with scattered showers. However, it is a productive stay so far. I am announcing my resignation from the ODMK-S committee membership and Vice Treasurer in advance through this email. If deemed necessary, I will sit with the committee to discuss, but I will exhaust my reasons here, so it will be unnecessary to meet, because my resignation is immediate. It is good to be away because it gives one time to reflect upon certain things in life. I have done this with the ODMK-S matter, and felt that resigning is the most noble thing, though I will remain a party member.

For Blog owners, Osewe and Munala, if you want to improve your hit ratings with this scoop, then you better cut and paste my resignation letter word for word, otherwise I would advice you to leave this as an internal matter, because I was not appointed to the committee via the blog.

Reasons for Oderos resignation from the ODMKS Committee:

1. Lack of collective drive/push:

When I first joined the committee in November 2006, I was very enthusiastic and hoped that the vision charted (constitution and the 12 point program) would be implemented at the fast pace that the members had. So far, this has not worked and instead there have been loose misinterpretations and deviations from the original scripts. I do not have to quote, but so far all know that we had to re-debate the independence of ODMK-S. I will not even repeat the half-hearted way of dealing with other Kenyans within Sweden, who have shown interest in joining us.

2. Financial challenges:

I foresee challenges ahead in raising money for the ODMK-S office rent and activities, because so far the only solution is to sell drinks, which some do not even buy. This is therefore an unfair way of recruiting money because some are in the bandwagon at the expense of the others. No other clear financial activities have been agreed upon to generate money. I personally do not wish to donate any more personal cash to fund the office. The revival of KUWA et al., remains rhetoric yet rent will be needed soon in 2 months time. Alternatively, the lokal can be rented later on a demand-basis, instead of running an underutilized and expensive place every month. We are not even talking of the monthly maintenance fees of SEK 50 any more. No clear strategies are in place to recruit more members, even in Stockholm. ODMK-S cannot be run by the committee alone.

3. Collaboration with ODM-K:

I was enthusiastic in the beginning that ODMK-S would be supporting or challenging ODM-K as per the ODMK-S 12 point program. So far nothing of the sort has happened. The trip to Nairobi by the ODMK-S Chair-lady yielded nothing other than personal nods. The Secretarys trip to Nairobi only unearthed our ignorance on how to collaborate with ODM-K. Clearly, they have no time for us and we do not have the registration fees to be their branch. What is the implication? Individuals do not want to face the bitter truth that our initial baby-steps towards ODM-K have been cut short, because there is no formal recognition. On the other hand, what about being critical to ODM-K? So far there are no signs from ODMK-S. When I raised my thoughts on Railas display of his Hummer vehicle on entering the Parliament recently, only Osewe responded, and this is on email so I will not repeat it. I do not see any critical voices in ODMK-S who can debate on the crooks in ODM-K without reservations. We cannot claim that we are only focused on the party and not the individuals who form it, because they are inseparable.

4. Side projects:

The confusion exhibited when I raised the Korogocho project issue, only left me wondering whether we are certain about the minutes agreed upon and written, during committee meetings. Some people want the Korogocho project in ODMK-S to gain political mileage, while the reality is that this woman and many others are suffering and need help. I recently donated SEK 500 genuinely to help, so I was puzzled that some people want to hang onto others tailcoats, yet they do not enthusiastically donate to this and cannot even narrate the genesis of this project.

5. Personal agenda in ODMK-S:

I will not reiterate the enthusiasm I had when joining ODMK-S. I found it running but I have also now gathered that there are some people in it for personal and selfish reasons. There have been questionable cash transactions done by others without the full awareness of the committee. A good example is the opening of the ODMK ( Web site which was done with a personal agenda. This project was not sanctioned by the committee, yet it is claimed that money from ODMK-S was used to finance it. For whatever reasons, this project has no impact because the last update on this Web site was on March 7th 2007 and the traffic has almost stopped. We donated money for our own Web site and Munala has been responsible for it. By the time I was leaving Stockholm last week, it was NOT yet up and running.

6. ODMK-S has no impact in Kenyan politics:

So far, nothing has been done by ODMK-S to impact Kenyan politics. There are individuals within ODMK-S who use the media to vent their minds, but the group as an entity is nowhere near there. Raila met the ODM-K Uganda Chapter enthusiasts the other day, meaning that maybe mainstream ODM-K branches and NOT independents like ODMK-S, are closer to those leaders and share a forum to express their support and criticism (while within). It is probably futile for ODMK-S to fight outside the cow-shed in the name of being independent. The recent political tsunamis in Kenya have been staged while inside the government and not outside.

7. My professional life:

I have a lot on my plate right now within my professional life, so I will set aside more time for this but remain a member of ODMK-S. I think I will be more objective and speak my mind freely as a member and not a committee member. Thank you all and it was a pleasure working together.


Best regards,

Jared Odero, 29/3/2007


The above letter may have triggered hate against him in Stockholm.APN/API gets comments on a daily basis about Odero’s overall behaviour in the whole saga. His threats to APN/API to stop publishing comments mentioning him is uncalled for and will be ignored because we believe in freedom of expression, thus, will not submit to dictatorship or threats from any one.

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway (APN) / African Press International (API)

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A dream becomes a nightmare

Posted by African Press International on May 28, 2007

Mamadou’s friends told him he was crazy to go back home

Mamadou DialloMamadou Diallo, from Guinea, had always dreamt of going to Europe. After spending years trying to get a visa, he finally went last year. But the conditions he saw other migrants living in were so bad, he went back home. He told his story to BBC News Online. I have always wanted to go to Europe because lots of people from my village have gone and now their families have lots of money and have built huge villas.

Many of my friends had gone and I felt that I was going nowhere, staying in Africa, fixing fridges and air-conditioning.

As soon as I started work in 1989, I started saving up to pay to go to Europe.

Sometimes, I saved up rather than send money to my family.

By 1991, I had $2,200, which I paid someone for a visa to go to Italy.

He said that he had some contacts in the Italian embassy and could get a visa without any trouble.

I didn’t have any choice about where I went, I was just desperate to leave Africa.

But it turned out that it was a con. I lost all my money and had to start saving up from scratch.


Then in 1998, I met someone who said he could get me a US visa for $5,500, including the plane ticket.

This time, there were about 10 of us – none of us got the visas.

We went to the police, who caught the man and I managed to get $1,800 back.

These women live in region were it is feared all the men will leave

Guinea: Unstoppable exodus

In pictures: Life in Guinea

After that, I decided that I would never again try to buy a visa – I still wanted to go but only if I got the papers legitimately.

But then in 2001, a close friend of mine, who I really trusted, met a man from Benin in France. He said he could get me a visa, again with no problem.

I was convinced that it would work this time and I went to Benin to meet him.

I even resigned from my job because I was so sure that I would finally have my visa.

I told a friend of mine and he too wanted a visa. Each one cost $3,600.

I borrowed the money from my family.

I was staying in a hotel in Benin and my money was starting to run out. Every day, Pascale came up with a new excuse for the delay.

I would prefer to stay at home and be poor than be rich and live in those conditions

After spending 25 days in Cotonou, I had no money left, so I had to go back home.

He promised to send me my passport with the visa but I never heard from him again.

The conmen always say that they know someone at the embassy. But there is a whole network of people, who all have to be paid, and that is why it costs so much.

However sometimes it is true – I know some people who have obtained visas after paying for them.

Life was really tough for me after I had given up my job. I couldn’t get another one and just did odd jobs for two years.

Europe at last

Then in 2003, a French friend of one of my relatives sent me a letter of invitation and I got a tourist visa without any trouble – and without paying any bribes.

With all the money I’ve wasted trying to buy a visa, I could have stayed in Africa and done something

I was so happy to get my visa – after all these years of trying and all the money I’ve wasted.

I flew to France and met a friend from Guinea. He was staying in a single tiny room with his pregnant wife.

They cooked, ate and slept in that room, which had a stove, fridge and a sofa bed, where they slept.

I wanted to stay with them but there was no way I could.

And I couldn’t live like that, so I went to Italy where I knew some more people.

I had a Schengen visa so there was no trouble going to Italy but what I saw there was even worse.


Even a prison would be better – 16 people sharing a single grotty room, with just three beds.

I didn’t even want to sit down on the bed and the smell of all those people was terrible.

I was so determined to go that I never would have believed someone who told me that going to Europe would be that hard

I would prefer to stay at home and be poor than be rich and live in those conditions.

And when the Africans in Europe come home, they never tell the rest of us what life is really like there, they just flash their money around, wearing nice clothes and building huge mansions.

I have always heard that Europe is a place where money grows on trees.

But since I saw what life for the migrants in Europe is really like, I’ve decided to stay here and work.

With all the money I’ve wasted trying to buy a visa, I could have stayed in Africa and done something.

But when I came back, people didn’t believe they were seeing me – they told me I was crazy.

I told them what life was like in Europe but no-one believed me.

Before I went, I was the same – I was so determined to go that I never would have believed someone who told me that going to Europe would be that hard.

But now I know the truth and I am determined to make some money here in Africa.

Lifted and published by Korir, African Press in Norway (APN) / African Press International, (API)

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