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Athletics boss eager to get to work

Posted by African Press International on May 20, 2007

Tove Paule, fresh from winning the battle of the national sports bureaucrats last weekend, wrapped up a week on Friday that she could only describe as “extremely hectic.”

Tove Paule after winning the presidency of Norway’s athletic association.


Paule barely had time to make a pit stop at her home in Drammen, between all the media demands on her time and a pile of meetings. She did take time, however, to uphold an earlier commitment to speak at a local gymnastic tournament.

“That’s what I really like,” the former secretary general of the Norwegian Gymnastics Association told newspaper Aftenposten. “And it’s all about priorities. I had promised to be their speaker, and I follow through on promises.”

Now Paule is the new president of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (Norges Idrettsforbund og Olympiske Komit) after prevaliling in a messy political power struggle where she was up against a long list of male rivals. Paule, age 56, is the first woman to head the association that governs all of Norway’s sports foundations, from skiing to soccer.

Paule faces huge challenges as national athletics boss, as she must lobby for more state funding and balance the interests of a huge range of individual athletics associations. She said she’s eager to get to work as soon as possible.

First, though, she spent an evening this week with just 33 girls aged seven to 14 who have gymnastic ambitions. “You’re all winners,” she told them. Paule herself proved to be the biggest winner of all.

By Nina Berglund

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Norway: Unusually Cold Month – May

Posted by African Press International on May 20, 2007

After an unusually warm winter, weather experts are characterizing this month as “unusually cold” for May.

Norwegians were told to brace for rain and wind this weekend.


The 17th of May holiday this week was around two degrees colder than normal in most places around Norway. Even where the sun was shining, chilly air took much of the warmth away.

Temperatures in Oslo were 1.8 degrees below average, and two degrees below average in Bergen and Stavanger, reports

Forecasters were warning of frost during the night, bad news for gardeners who’ve already set out flowers. And the weekend wasnt looking very promising, with wind and intermittent rain predicted over most of southern and western Norway.

“We’re getting some chilly weather pretty much all over Norway this weekend,” said state meteorologist Pl Evensen. He predicted rain and wind, but said eastern and far northern Norway might be spared.

Temperatures weren’t expected to be higher than 12C (about 53F) in the south, while Finnmark in the north could expect 4C-9C.

Saturday was expected to the worst, with stormy weather along the coast and in the mountains. Much of the same was expected next week.

“We don’t have any high-pressure systems in sight,” Evensen said. “We’ll have low-pressure systems and chilly air.”

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Fire Linked to recent Arrests

Posted by African Press International on May 20, 2007

A spectacular fire in downtown Trondheim on Thursday not only put a damper on the city’s 17th of May festivities police now fear it also may have burned up evidence in their case against alleged money-laundering between Norway and Brazil.

The fire in downtown Trondheim was the sixth major blaze in the city’s historic central in the last five years.


Three Norwegian suspects in the money-laundering case also own stakes in a Trondheim nightclub located in the building where the fire broke out.

Arson is suspected, after newspaper Dagens Nringsliv reported the link between the scene of the blaze and the money-laundering suspects. Police fear the fire destroyed documents that could have aided their investigation against the money-laundering suspects.

The fire began around 1:30am in the building housing the nightclub known as “Kanalsmuget,” at Fjordgata 80. Two of its owners are under arrest in Brazil, after a police raid on vacation properties in Natal that are believed to have been financed with criminal proceeds from Norway.

Persons tied to a Norwegian-Pakistani gang known as the “B-Gang” are also believed to have placed millions of kroner in ill-gotten gains into the vacation condominiums in Natal. Several known criminals in Norway are among the investors in the beachfront condominium developments.

The fire in Trondheim’s historic downtown threatened the city’s traditional 17th of May celebrations on Thursday. It forced the evacuation of neighbouring buildings and destroyed several wooden structures. It took hours for firefighters to bring it under control.

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Liberian 46 year-old Looking for love in Norway

Posted by African Press International on May 20, 2007

Dear friends,

I’m a 46 year old Liberian presently in search of true love relationship from an African lady living in Norway who isn’t married.Please find me a lady of that sort. She must be very attractive, willing to have not more than three children, doesn’t smoke and drink alcoholic drinks, and willing to spend most of her time with me and with her children.

I’m looking forward to your help. Thanks in advance.


editorial: Request received on the 19th May 2007. If you want to contact the writer, get in touch with us for his contact address.

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African Press in Norway (APN) – Changes name to African Press International (API) as it expands services worldwide

Posted by African Press International on May 20, 2007

African Press in Norway, apn, will expand services from 1.june 2007 as announced earlier,and will at the same time change the name to African Press International, API, as it continues to recruit correspondents internationally.

We, in APN, are pleased to go international and will in that regard open an office in soon in Ghana that will cater for the whole of Africa, while Norway will remain to serve as the headquarters.

This step will mean that all correspondents and freelancers serving in African countries in the near future, will have their stories processed in Ghana office before being forwarded to the Headquarters in Oslo – Norway.

By Korir, Chief Editor – African Press in Norway, APN/ African Press International, API

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