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Some 630 kg of cocaine seized in early May in Nouadhibou, 470 km north of Nouakchott, were burnt Wednesday

Posted by African Press International on May 18, 2007

Nouakchott (Mauritania) Some 630 kg of cocaine seized in early May in Nouadhibou, 470 km north of Nouakchott, were burnt Wednesday evening in this city, APA learnt from reliable sources.

The incineration occurred under the supervision of the Nouadhibou public prosecutor, Ahmed Ould Baba, and in the presence of the administrative and security authorities.

This Examining Magistrate ordered this measure as allowed by Mauritanian law.

A small plane left the drug in question at the Nouadhibou airstrip and immediately took off before carrying out an emergency landing on the desert between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott. Its crew, whose number is unknown, remains untraceable for the moment.

The police investigation led to the indictment of 12 people including 2 French, 2 Belgians, one Moroccan and 7 Mauritanians.

The Belgians and 3 Mauritanians, including the main suspect Sidi Mohamed Ould Haidalla, are on the run. Sidi Mohamed is the son of former president Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidalla.

In addition to the cocaine whose commercial value is estimated at 10 billion ouguiyas (28.6 million euros), the Mauritanian police seized 820,000 euros and 20 million ouguiyas (77,000 euros) cash as well as two planes, 3 vehicles and estate properties.

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Ivorian head of state, Laurent Gbagbo, Wednesday said he trusted his Prime Minister

Posted by African Press International on May 18, 2007

Abidjan (Cote dIvoire) Ivorian head of state, Laurent Gbagbo, Wednesday said he trusted his Prime Minister, Guillaume Soro, for a successful conduct of the transition launched since the signing of the Ouagadougou peace accord on 4 March.

According to president Gbagbo, the sound conduct of the peace process launched since the signing of the Ouagadougou peace accord stems from the confidence between him and the leader of the former rebels.

“It is the first time I have let my prime minister preside over three consecutive cabinet meetings. It is because I trust him, I would like to seize the opportunity to congratulate him”, Gbagbo said while chairing a workshop on the competitiveness of the Port Authority of Abidjan (PAA) that ended Wednesday in Grand-Bassam ( 45 km in the south of Abidjan).

President Laurent Gbagbo assured economic stakeholders and the partners of the port that the peace process is irreversible.

“Today, time has come for peace. All the actors of the conflict have fathomed the necessity to work towards peace. Those who have not realised this are lagging behind as peace is underway and will not wait for them. And we are resolutely walking with peace”, he said.

It was the right time for the head of state to make a track record of the peace process, which has been mainly marked by the dismantling of the “confidence zone” and the establishment of joint brigades.

“With the prime minister, we will get to peace. We have dismantled the confidence zone. We have set up joint brigades. We have left the impartial forces with a few observation posts. These observation posts will disappear at the end of June”, President Gbagbo declared.

“We had talks with the UN to agree on its new role in Cote dIvoire. Therefore, we have made progress”, Gbagbo stated, admitting that “there is still a lot to do”.

Disarmament, the identification of the population, the restoration of the administration and the organisation of elections are all necessary steps ahead in the framework of the implementation of the Ouagadougou Accord towards a return to sustainable peace in Cote dIvoire.

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.apa

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Nigerien girls are more and more resorting to the old braids, amongst other tricks, to look after their looks

Posted by African Press International on May 18, 2007

Niamey (Niger) Nigerien girls are more and more resorting to the old braids, amongst other tricks, to look after their looks even if they should integrate industrial products for that the family and society use to become privileged moments of exhibiting aesthetic innovations.

In Niamey, the wedding ceremonies or “Foyandi” (womens meeting in Djerma language), generally held Saturdays and Sundays, are real events where women rival in beauty.

The competition is so strong that, these last few years, the old traditional styles that were dropped for more modern and “creative” styles, are gaining ground again.

The “grosgrain” braids are among the “innovations” given to the new style. It haunts the sleep of many married and unmarried young women.

Kadi F., a young student confessed: “I have grosgrain, because one needs to be beautiful and impress the boys.”

The “grosgrain” braids are done with highlights of artificial hair, with or without pearls, the “grosgrain” are presented in average and small braids.

For Kadi F., as many Niamey girls of her generation, “a young woman worthy of her name should take care of her hair; the hairstyle is the top of a female beauty.”

She came to the salon to make herself beautiful, “because my cousin is getting married next week, then I should have the new braid in fashion, the braid grosgrain”.

Malah O. is a radio DJ. He acknowledges that the quality of the hairstyle “is the very first thing” which he looks at in a girl.

To renew the styles, Afissa B., a hairdresser, also takes from the past because “we are often obliged to call upon the old plaits, to satisfy the request of our customers”.

“Old TV programmes inspire us new hairstyles and generally, these are the braids that the girls ask us,” she added.

Each braid or hairstyle bears a name in Niger. There are: “debegna” from the name of an actress in the drama “Debegna”, or the ” Annees soixantes”, in reference to the songs of the same name.

In Niger where traditions are very present in everyday life, it is in the habit of saying that “a woman who is not braided is not one” and the braids describe also the statute of the woman (bride, girl, widow) and even her ethnic group.

If in Senegal, the widow has a special braid which she should renew every Friday, for the Kanuris (far-east Niger) for example, the braids “Kila Yakou” (with three heads) are made for girls.

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.apa

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The three rival telephone service providers operating in Togo are contesting leadership in a war of figures

Posted by African Press International on May 18, 2007

Lome (Togo) The three rival telephone service providers operating in Togo are contesting leadership in a war of figures, with each of them claiming to have more customers, APA has noted.

“We have now 250,000 customers against 73,000 in late last year”, said Siaka Kone, the sales manager of the mobile telephone operator “Moov” which supplies its services to 80 localities in Togo.

While the branch of the Cote dIvoire-based “Atlantic Telecom” group hopes to reach 500,000 customers at the end of 2007, its direct competitor “Togo Cellulaire” eyes to corner a large network of 750,000 users by end of December.

“We have presently 606,000 customers and we cover 120 localities across Togo”, Affoh Atcha Dedji, administrative and financial manager of “Togo Cellulaire” said.

“Togo Cellulaire” is a branch of the historic operator “Togo Telecom” which is a fully state-owned company.

The top officials of “Togo Telecom” told APA that they have connected in May 2007 about 90,000 users in 300 localities in Togo.

“We have 75,000 consumers for the landline fixed telephone and 15,000 for the radio system”, Abosse Aku-Kpakpo, the “Togo Telecom” customs manager told APA.

This war of figures is not the only snag that worries consumers who rather hope for the reduction of the phone communication charges. The phone pulse is pegged at 160 CFA francs per minute at “Moov”, 140 CFA francs at “Togo Cellulaire”, and 70 CFA francs at “Togo Telecom”.

“These operators should review downward their high charges”, Aladjou Agouta, secretary general of the Togolese consumers association deplored.

The consumers think that with the appearance on the market of other telephone operators will impact on the charges. The Togolese telecommunications regulatory body (ARTP), however, does not foresee an imminent satisfaction of such claims.

Massina Palouki, ARTP general manager thinks that Togolese peoples lifestyle should improve before the state approves a contract with another telephone operator.

“If the authorities, however, ask for another operator, we will call for tenders”, Massina told APA in an interview on the celebration of the International Telecommunications Day on 17 May 2007.

Since 1973, this day also marks the anniversary of the signing of the first international telegraphic agreement and the creation of the International Telecommunications Union.

The theme for this year is “Connecting youths: ITC opportunities”.

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.apa

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UK: Brown to succeed Blair

Posted by African Press International on May 18, 2007

Chancellor Gordon Brown will succeed Tony Blair as Gordon BrownLabour leader and prime minister next month without facing a contest, it has been confirmed.

Mr Brown won backing from the vast majority of Labour MPs, meaning his only possible rival could not get enough backers to force a contest.

Mr Brown, who was nominated by 313 Labour MPs, is expected to take over from Mr Blair on Wednesday 27 June.

All six deputy leadership contenders got enough support to enter the race.

They will now take part in a series of 10 official hustings as they seek to succeed John Prescott as deputy leader.

Opportunity ‘denied’

Mr Brown, who will also take part in those hustings, was nominated by 88% of Labour MPs following three days of canvassing at Westminster.

He has long been seen as a virtual certainty to succeed Mr Blair.

Numerous possible rivals have dropped out of contention to succeed Mr Blair over recent years.

Left-wing Labour MP John McDonnell was the last of those to fall by the wayside – after getting nominations from 29 Labour MPs, short of the 45 needed to trigger a contest.

He withdrew after it became mathematically impossible to reach that figure. He congratulated Mr Brown, but said it was a shame party members would be denied “an opportunity of participating in a democratic election for the leader of this party”.

“I had hoped by standing I would have given them a voice in this crucial decision,” he said.

The chancellor’s campaign manager Jack Straw said: “We are delighted that the party is uniting behind Gordon and giving him such overwhelming support.”


Labour’s chief whip Jacqui Smith said: “I am delighted that my fellow Labour MPs have overwhelmingly united around Gordon as the candidate to take Britain forwards when Tony Blair steps down.”

“The outcome of the nominations process has, I believe, reflected the views of the Labour Party across the country.”

She added: “Party members will be delighted, as I am, that in around five weeks time Britain’s most successful chancellor ever becomes party leader.”

But Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said: “As Mr Brown will not face a challenger, it is all the more important that there should be a general election now.

“The country is surely entitled to pass judgement on whether he should become the most powerful politician in the country. “A coronation is good neither for Labour nor Britain. It is no way to install a prime minister when even his own party doesn’t have a choice.”

“The country is surely entitled to pass judgement on whether he should become the most powerful politician in the country,” he said.

The Conservatives have also called for a general election once Mr Blair goes.

Party leader David Cameron has said the prime minister’s successor would have no mandate to lead the country

Mr Blair stood for election in 2005 having promised to serve a full third term as prime minister.

Deputy contenders

However, Transport Secretary Alistair Darling told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I suspect that when people, when they went to vote in the general election, did not have Tony Blair’s departure date at the front of their mind.”

He added: “I think most people think it was a matter of when he went.”

Labour Party chairman Hazel Blears said Mr Brown would be “out and about setting out his vision for the country”.

Candidates who get 45 or more nominations for either the leadership or the deputy leadership go to a ballot of party members, trade unionists and Labour MPs and European Parliament members.

The deputy leadership contenders are International Development Secretary Hilary Benn, backbencher Jon Cruddas, Education Secretary Alan Johnson, Justice Minister Harriet Harman, Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain and Labour chairman Hazel Blears have all got through.

Lifted by Korir and Published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.BBC

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Kenyan Politics: Diaspora Conference in Oklahoma – A movement to free Kenya from abject poverty

Posted by African Press International on May 18, 2007

Dear All,

I hereby concurs with Dr Barrack Obonyo’s message.

It is indeed sad that what our political hero’s fought forhas never been achieved, we are more poorer than 43 years ago, the gap between the poor and wealthy is more wider than before we got Independence, and yet God has blessed us with a land full of resources.

It is time to stand up and transform our land. We must utilized our brains, energy and talenttoliberateourselves fromthe state ofthis artificial poverty, realizingthat we are birds of the same feather in poverty uniform.

I believe that our generation must take initiatives to set up a pace, turn the clock 180 degree to call for investments instead of donations, letus allget fully involve here in diaspora and at homeland. “If there has been any justified courseto fight a war, I would say, this is the noble battle which we all must fought from within and out, itmustbe fought by our men, women, young, theold. If there is any historical events that our names should be recorded on, thiswould therightful one”.

Please do not miss this Historical events, our experts have prepared materials for the road map to economical transformation, big time investors are looking forward to interact and partner with you for the sake of your homeland.We expectdelegates as far as European Union and Africa.

Therefore come, let us strategist for the Economical Transformation of our homeland together in Oklahoma on June 1-2 2007 as indicated in the program below.I remain. (unedited)

Be Blessed,

Rev Okoth Otura,

Dominion Farms Ltd.

Humanitarian and Spiritual Division

barack abonyo <> wrote:

Dear All

Its is amazing that malaria is still killingmillions per day in Africa and yet malaria itself has been completely wiped out in certain parts of the world. It is amazing that children still die of hunger in Africa. It is amazing that millions cannot afford schooling in Africa. But it is also amazing how many africans are politically active. Discussing politics all day long and blaming the white man for that and for this.It is amazing how many Africans are millionaires.As for me, Africa is too wide and too large. I am a Kenyan, born in Kenya, went through what a normal kenyan child went through. My world was that of limitations where having a pair of shoes is a luxury because we have to import it. A case where rice is only eaten when the visitors came and yet so many Africans everywhere are throwing away left over rice.

Now I cannot overexpound the state of poverty in Kenya in particular. Just last week, CNN aired a case where Barrylyn had initiated a project through world food program in which they were planning to raise $100,000,000 per year just to feed the African child. Infact the highlight wason Kebera. American idol was also in Kebera showing the ugly face of poverty in Kenya just a few weeks ago. Whether the money reached the needy is a question to be asked but is not a solution. Indeed these handouts are temporary solution because these children still remain beggars if the money is not put in projects where they can grow their own food or create industries where they can work for their own money. These funds though well intentioned are not regenerative and once they are dished out they are done and the circle begins again. Beg beg beg. The case of poverty has has been made.

An African child is still at the mercy of natural calamities that should not kill any human being in the 21st century. Why? Why? Why? is all I ask. Why is Israel self sufficient in the middle of a desert while Kenyans are still begging for food. Kenyan natural advantages probably exceeds that of israel. Does it bother any Kenyan that his folk probably very close relatives are being aired in the TV as they are beingfed crude poridge. Yes we can say these people are simply being paraded for the shake of making money. That could be true but if it is so, then it is because we have not known to take care of our own. Indeed it is because we have refused to do so. Moreso, it is because we are greedy and dont give a damn.

This article is not intended to ridicule anyone, it is to jog your ego, to agitate your pride. It is intended to let you know that you may be considered a nobody where you are but if we stand together we move mountains.

Normally, our fingers point at the MPs, the government, the president and so on and so on and we fail to recognise that the rest of the fingers are pointing at us.

A case example is Nyanza. A land that can probably be said to be flowing with honey and milk. A lake full of water in the barkyard and yet our crops are wilting due to lack of rain. Fish being exported to the rest of the parts of the world and yet our children die of hunger. Gold reserves even though they are not that big and yet we cannot make a cent from it. Like Paul of the bible, asked who bewitched us?

Whatever has happened has happened. What should not happen is that those whose eyes have been opened should not let a spider blind fold them by its cobwebusing un necessary politics and stupid bickering. It is time when a previlaged African, Kenyan, Nyanzan, luo or whoever should wake up and stand counted for the benefit of our people stand instead of waiting for the handouts from a stranger for our own children.

All the people of the world that have succeeded in this course have done so through communal organization. Yes individualism is important but when you are the lowest in the ladder the only rescue is by pooling together your resources to work for a common goal. Such a time for this kind of action has arrived. Kenyans in the diaspora must come together to make kenya better. It is simple, just as we joinorganizations like KALONZO 2007, KIBAKI ABAKI, Raila, 2007, ODMK USA, etc etc with our resources, moneyand energy, we must do so to development oriented organizations. We have seen ourselves raise thopusands of dollars for political reasons, why not do the same for development. Untill we are able to think development and not empty politics we stand to be beggars. And as Chinua said a beggar’s knee is always subtle, so shall ours be.

As has been advertised, on June 1 and 2nd, there will be a conference in Guthrie Oklahoma, particularly interested in mobilizing Kenyans to create development in Kenya (see below for program). The intent of the meeting is to start a movement that will revolutionize Kenyan economy and development. The diaspora has the power to change Kenya. You my friend in United state is the diaspora. Your one dolar is worth Ksh 70 and can feed an hungry child. Your one dollar can be directed into the right project that will earn you money and at the same time provide food and jobs for those that were not lucky enough to come with you to United States. While your money will help one person it will also make you reacher. The interest rates in Kenya is way higher that of united states hence your money makes better money in Kenya. I believe my high school economics classis doing well in this case.

This movement is a movement intended for our freedom from dependence on the western world. For how long shall we wait for strangers who earn much less money than ussend dollars to our children while we sit down and say things like, “oh they are just collecting money to eat” “oh Africa is not like that, Africa is full of rich people” . Itwas time for Africa to rule itself and it happened, now it is the time for Africa to feed itself. Where are the liberators. Where are those willing to sacrifice for humanity. Where is the Dedan Kimathi, Oginga Odinga, Ocheing Oneko, Jomo Kenyatta of this day. They came to the westand learnt the white mans ways and used it to gain freedom. We have learned done the same. It is time tofree ourselves from economic dependency.

Come to Oklahoma to make this dream come true.

Dr. BarackOtieno Abonyo

This is the
USA Conference Schedule

Madaraka Day Conference:

Focus On Investments And Development


Community Church

512 E Seward RD. Guthrie Oklahoma- 73044 USA.


Friday June 1st 2007

Arrival, Registrations and Orientation :

June 1 2007: 2-4pm

MC-Elisha Obongo

Prayer Service: June 1 2007: 5pm-6pm

Rev Okoth Otura– 5:10pm

Mr. Calvin Burgess-5:15pm-6pm

………………………………………………………… .

Saturday June 2nd 2007

  1. 9:15am – – 9:20am – -Introduction By Elisha Obongo.
  2. 9:20am-9:50am – – Music By Bishop Martin Odak.


10am-11am. Developement Initiaves At Yala SwampByCalvin Burgess .

5)Women Presentations: 11:15pm-1:15pm

  1. Dominion Farms Women Contributions: Ms.Barbara Waterson.
  2. Roll of Diaspora Women on Investments: Ms.Lillian Obura.
  3. Women Empowerment: Ms.Ruthie Mbeche
  4. Young Women and Education – – Ms.Grace Akinyi

6) Lunch Break – 1:20pm – 2pm

7) Afternoon Session – 2:10pm-2:20pm

  1. Music By Bishop Martin Odak
  2. Guthrie
    Church Choir

8)Future DevelopmentInitiatives – 1:50pm- 3:15pm.

  1. Calvin Burgess and the delegates.

9)Diaspora PresentationForum – 3:20am- 4:20pm

  1. Diaspora Economical Empower Elisha Obongo.
  2. Incorporating Diaspora Group in Partnership with Dominion Investmentsin
    Kenya: DrBarack Abonyo.

10) Deliberation: 3:20pm-4pm.

  1. Health and Community Development in general – – Dr. Sam Oyugi
  2. Mr Odundo Jakarateng’ – – (Luocome) Village Community Based Organization ininiatives

11) Closing comments: 4pm-4:30pm.

  1. Vote of thanks: Elisha Obongo.

12 Evening Social Event:MadarakaDance (Mpaka Chee)

  1. Mr. Eric Otiende

For more information contact:

Mr.Elisha Obongo – Coordinator.

Cell: 281 498 3664

Off: 281 514 4906

Regional Co-Ordinators:

For Abstract Submission Contact:

Dr Barack Abonyo – –

For Women Participation:

Ms. Ruthie Mbeche –
Houston, TX

Ms. Lilian Obura – –
Houston, TX

Ms. Grace Akinyi – –
Orlando Florida

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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