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Uganda: The history of Uganda – a benefit to 60 students in the UK

Posted by African Press International on May 8, 2007

Mr.Ham Mukasa, well done. This is so educative that we have discussed alot about you of late. I have used your articles to educate my Ugandan students on tuition after school hours. This is a classroom of over 60 students divided in 4 classes. well done.

What is interesting is the ignorance of people like capt Opion, Capt Otim and some other Lt. They really lack mind of understanding. I am impressed also on the article of Ugandan history not to be seen in tribal terms. You are brilliant Ham Mukasa. Ham a history teacher here in the UK and african history fascinates me too.

A few days ago Ii talked to someone in the Ugandan High Commission (UK) and told him about your articles. He has read your articles today and he says you are a brilliant man. He also claims to know your family. Keep up your family name and the courage to educate others. I am going to try to re-publish your articles in our magazines here in the UK. Work well done.

By Regina, UK

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