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Sweden: Does Narc-ks want fire…?

Posted by African Press International on April 28, 2007

What’s that? Kuna mtu anajisikia maboom.. Primary school stuff? . We are the burning spear!! Is osewe the Scandinavian raila? Has he lost it as well?..haiya!.

Well the mjamaa needs to keep his ambitions running. That we so well know . Him and his idol party odm-ks needs propaganda falsehoods, or cold war as he likes to call it; the latter sounds sophisticated, huh?. He is a “journalist” you know?.

Osewe is well known in the Stockholm he writes about. As a trickster today. He likes to video tape and document drunk odm-k and odm-ks supporters as an only way to discredit the incumbent government in Kenya.

Now and then, he drops something good and helpful and Kenyan Stockholmares we appreciate that. But his blog also creates the widest gaps between Kenyans.

It has become the wakenya in Stockholm’s own skvaller blog. Intentionally? This same blog is in fact the most disturbing representation; or misrepresentation as most of his fellow party members prefer, in his own odm-ks. He won’t care.

He never does, he wants the ‘dossiers` to keep his blog running coz otherwise what would he write about? You want to chongoa your exfriend or just your friend use Osewe’s blog!!

He has single-handedly turned his blog from a useful source of information for Kenyan Swedes into a joker’s nonsensical blog. Osewe has had the respect of Kenyans in Stockholm for too long.

When he became kesofo’s vice-chairman (his interest was on the chairmanship) we thought that the guy would demonstrate some sort of discipline just for the sake of kesofo.

Some kind of restrain in verbal blog attacks on fellow Kenyans. But the discipline, he lost along time ago. He’s incapable of reporting in accuracy for the sake of credibility.

No Kenyan is yet to show distaste in his deteriorating work in his blog! Whats up!? Mostly we just ignore the nonsense. Kesofo is seen as the latest test in unifying Kenyans in Stockholm but the presence of osewe jeopardises that aim with his more and more frequent rumour mongering.

Rumour as in baseless, untrue, unnecessary, uncalled for, dividing, tribalistic, and useless among Kenyans in Stockholm. He represents the odm-k we know to well. His kind come and go having served no purpose in our world politicaly.

It is the same kind we are tired of as Kenyans. Fake politicians/journalists who’s main aim is to gain ground tribalisticaly. His blog and his kind of political nonsense are of no use to Kenyans anywhere!

By Njoro, Sweden

Published by African Press in Norway, apn

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