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Sweden: Hon. Raila Was Not Nominated By ODM-KS Members.

Posted by African Press International on April 25, 2007

On behalf of ODM-KS, I take this opportunity to announce that the article titled “WHY RAILA WAS NOMINATED FOR PRESIDENTIAL RACE BY ODM-KS” in KSB is not correct because ODM-KS paid-up members did not participate in the nomination process and therefore, I dis-announce the nomination of Hon. Raila as propaganda of the highest degree.

Any publicity is not good publicity. The article contains information that both misleads and does a disservice to the fine members of ODM-KS. Inaccuracy in today’s article on kenyastockholmblog (KSB) is not a formal statement from ODM-KS. As far as ODM-KS is concerned, there was no nomination that took place on that particular day as it is reported by Mr. Okoth Osewe.

The owner of KSB who is Mr. Okoth Osewe has to give members of public true information based on true facts. I trust that KSB crew will also respond in an appropriate and professional manner- namely with a printed apology and a revised story. ODM-KS has its own programme and nominating Raila is not part of it. Both our 12 point programme and our constitution are very clear on who we are and what our activities are.

On behalf of ODM-KS, we will be most grateful for your interest in rectifying today’s article for your fine blog. Please call me for additional information. Should I not hear from you within the week, i will be happy to call your office.

By ODM-KS Secretary, Dancan Munala.

Published by African Press in Norway, apn

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