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power consumption in Africa was only 3 per cent compared to the rest of the world.

Posted by African Press International on April 13, 2007

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) Despite Africa being inhabited by 14 per cent of the world’s population, it lags behind in a number of development indicators, including power consumption, according to experts meeting in Dar es Salaam Thursday.

The experts noted that inadequate generation, transmission and distribution capacity of power on the continent deprived its citizens to enjoy electricity.

As a result, power consumption in Africa was only 3 per cent compared to the rest of the world.

Thus the experts came to the conclusion that Africa’s “darkness” was caused by poor governance that often leads African countries into conflicts.

Manager for Regional Power Trade of the Nile Basin Initiative, Kamu Karekao, said that Africa’s power woes could not be attributed to colonialism or low education levels — but to incessant conflicts that scare away much needed investments in the sector.

Karekao was speaking at the launch of the Social Economic Benefit Sharing (SDBS) activities of the Nile Basin Initiative at Giraffe Oceanic View Hotel in Dar es Salaam.

“An investor invests with the primary objective to generate enough funds for reinvesting, and also to adequately recover costs of investment. This is not possible in the circumstances of conflict,” said Karekao.

He said the challenge for Nile basin countries therefore was to move away from the problems through the establishment of a regional power forum to tap on the abundant synergies available in the region.

The objective of SDBS is to reduce poverty in the Nile basin countries through the enhancing of the process of integration and cooperation to promote social and economic development.

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