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Congolese clash with British police: They are being deported to DRC

Posted by African Press International on April 13, 2007

London (UK) Clashes ensued Thursday among 4,000 asylum-seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo and British immigration police following a UK Home Office decision to deport the Congolese back home, APA has learnt.

The asylum-seekers started their protests at the Midlands-based Solihull Immigration Centre (North England) when a despatched team of immigration officers swooped in to head them to the airport for deportation.

A joint security operation comprising the police, immigration officers etc were called in to quell the three-hour riots to no avail.

The Congolese vowed to resist the deportation, preferring to die in the process rather than being deported home to face death.

There was an exchange of scuffles between the security agents and protesters which resulted in arrests of scores of them.

Hundreds of demonstrators from the black community in the UK, who are in sympathy with the asylum-seekers, staged separate protests at the Home Office premises across London, insisting they would not leave until authorities reverse the deportation move.

As at press time, the Home Office was yet to provide details on the incident while the riots continued.

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