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Senegalese government threatens to withdraw troops from Darfur

Posted by African Press International on April 12, 2007

Dakar (Senegal) The government of Senegal threatened Wednesday to withdraw its peacekeeping forces in the African Union mission in Sudan (AMIS) if the AU is not “provided with means to duly ensure the security of the soldiers deployed in Darfur”.

In a statement released Wednesday in Dakar, the Senegalese state largely evoked the situation in Darfur and deplored the “fact that African countries did not provide the AMIS troops with adequate financial and logistical means to face the gravity of the situation”.

Underscoring the heavy death toll and the large number of displaced people, the government of Senegal also regretted the delay observed in the deployment of UN and AU peacekeeping soldiers.

According to the statement released Wednesday at the end of the weekly cabinet meeting, Senegal sees in this deployment “a compromise situation” to get necessary logistical and financial means “to face the insecurity and stabilise the situation on the ground.”

The cabinet meeting emphasised that “the Sudanese government had approved” that deployment before challenging it.

Dakar also evoked the resources issue, underscoring that the AMIS “is presently understaffed, in addition to the inadequate logistical and financial means for the execution of its mission”.

“Without a clear will affirmed by all the parties for a negotiated solution of the crisis,” the current deployment conditions of the AMIS could foil a sustainable settlement of the conflict in Darfur, especially in collaboration with the UN, the government of Senegal said.

Senegal sent over 500 soldiers in Darfur.

Following the killing of five of them on 1st April, the government resorted to require a thorough investigation to determine the responsibilities, apprehend the criminals and punish them in keeping with the law”.

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