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Norway: Moonshine producer blown out of his house

Posted by African Press International on April 12, 2007

A 36-year-old man flown by air ambulance with burn injuries turned out to be a serious moonshine producer. In February 2006 the fire department, police and ambulance services rushed into action when a house in Stjørdal in North-Trøndelag County caught fire. The 36-year-old was flown to Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen for treatment of burn injuries to his face and upper body.

The house was also significantly damaged in the fire, and a police investigation uncovered a major moonshine operation. Large amounts of alcohol were found in the residence and the man has since admitted producing a bit over 900 liters (238 gallons) of illegal moonshine, newspaper Trønder-Avisa reports.

The fire had been caused by the explosion of his distilling apparatus.

The investigation also revealed that the man had been stealing electricity from the power grid in the area. He was also found to have a criminal record that included five counts of drunk driving, driving without a valid license, drug use and document forgery.

The man goes to trial on April 27 but has already admitted to the facts of the case.


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