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Posted by African Press International on April 6, 2007

Raila OdingaRaila Odinga – photo>

Talk about a catchy title! And it took a Nigerian to come up with and right the biography! The main word, enigma, means, that which can not be explained. I say a confusion. It also means a difficulty problem, and that does sound more like Raila.

He really is international for a Nigerian scholar to write his biography. I mean even his best gospel is spread, by the man himself, outside
Kenya. But if I was to write his biography, I would give it a probably catchier title. How about, Raila the low flying vulture in Kenyan politics! Well it couldn’t be easy for his fanatical fans to tell the likeness but really that’s all he is.

Raila, who claims to be the creator of Kibaki’s presidency by his two words; Kibaki tosha! is not known to work much, but he does talk a lot. His says it’s called politics, talking, talking, talking. He is the most popular Kenyan politician, he says. By which I presume he means most known, and surely you pull off having your name in the papers almost everyday and you will, be known. It wouldn’t matter much what you do or says. He always has something for the media and when he runs out of dossiers, he pulls out his favourite card. My life is in danger! Being in the media this much then why would anyone need to read his biography. Hiyo tosha!

While he considers himself the most suitable to be Mr President after Kibaki’s term (since he didn’t get to be the executive prime minister he hoped to be), I would disqualify him from
Kenya’s political scene. And that without questioning every thing he does or says which as we know is a lot, I would take just three of them, excluding coup attempts and destabilizing a government elect.

(1) One, he denied Kenyans their democratic right when he led his gang of power hungries in stating that Kenyans should not read a drafted constitution, but must reject it. Without reading it. By doing so, conscious of how popular and influential he is; thus easily manipulating and misleading thousands of Kenyans to base their vote on him and his bunch, he stole one of Kenya’s most historical moments. The creation of a wholly Kenyan constitution.

This I say coz it’s my strongest believe that people should have decided without the intervention of his kind of politics, if not non for that matter. The government had done a remarkable job, which deserved recognition, to not only print the constitution but also to make it within reach of Kenyans everywhere. A lot was spent on this, mentally, physically and financially. The least anyone could have down is to let all Kenyans who can read do so and make their own decision. But to incite people to burn copies of such an important document just because of a political oblivion phobia is selfish and unworthy to lead any nation!

(2)Then to run off or fly off to distant lands (read west) and wash ones dirty linen in those publics, talking ill and spreading lies about ones government, is low; way too low. Raila could not himself last a day politically in those countries where he goes to sell
Kenya. He is lucky that Kenyans (some) like political jokers of his kind unquestioningly.
He should by now understand that his western masters would only support or work with him for their own benefit. That’s the deal. He has convinced his followers and even himself that he, is mightier than thou, the one, the only
Kenya’s saviour. How about some dignity?
But times are changing, a natural mystic is blowing. Slowly, maybe, but surely Kenyans even his own devoted are starting to see him for what he is. A vulture. Because he is (3) only after what President Kibaki is building. I prefer to listen to that who says, my aim is to make
Kenya a working nation with a government of national unity. Simple. And someone has already said that and is doing it too. Raila had the opportunity to show us all how hard working he is. He, like a number of others was given a ministerial responsibility in the government (not his first). But he spent his energies in backstabbing that same government (even here not his first). He wasted a lot of energy in trying to bring down the same person whom he had pronounced best for the job. He probably made his worst personal mistake when he shouted Kibaki tosha!  But that is probably the best thing that he has ever done for our nation. Thanks!

While he is preoccupied with the thought that he is the best
Kenya will ever have, he misses the most significant signs of all his time. The fact that no Kenyan leader in his circle of ´´illuminatas“ or outside it has ever, will ever, bow to, or, for him. They all know that it would be a dangerous mistake.

And Kenyans have neither time nor the luxury of such a mistake. His biography?…

Am yet to hear his fellow ODM princes declare him as tosha. If he is as good as he thinks he is, then how come he is not an obvious choice? The ODM leadership seem to be playing a game of wait to see who breaks first, Russian roulette. Then things will fall apart! If am asked, the man should tone down and try to read the times lest he be left nothing but the noise maker he is, without an audience, borrow a line from Saitoti ´´read my lips“ and do something honourable to attach to his résumé. Our glorious country is rising again to take its place among the stars; we cannot afford a misstep, a backward move, Moi tosha! ed. We have had enough, and like the professor said ´´ there comes a time when the interest of the nation is of more importance than personal interest“. It is our patriotic duty to ensure that the leadership of our nation does not fall into the wrong hands.One love, One Kenya.  

By Njoro. 

Published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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