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Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta’s first wife Wahu dies

Posted by African Press International on April 6, 2007

    By Capital News Team  

Jomo Kenyatta’s first wife Wahu has died in

Sources close to the Kenyatta family say she died Tuesday on the outskirts of
Nairobi where she lived. Her body is lying at the Lee Funeral Home.

So far there has been no comment from the prominent Kenyatta family besides a statement from the office of the Leader of the official Oppositon Uhuru Kenyatta sent to newsrooms Thursday afternoon, acknowledging the demise.  

The country’s founding President married Wahu in 1920.  

Jomo Kenyatta had two children from his first marriage with Wahu. His son Peter Muigai who later became a Deputy Minister was born in 1920.  

They also had a daughter Margaret Kenyatta who was born in 1928. She served as the first woman Mayor of Nairobi between 1970 and 1976.  

The most popular of Kenyatta’s wives is Ngina Kenyatta also known as Mama Ngina who is the mother of Uhuru.


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