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President Kibaki’s popularity has shot up

Posted by African Press International on April 1, 2007

President Kibaki’s popularity now above 50 percent   

By Evelyn Njoroge  

President Mwai Kibaki’s popularity rating has shot up by an overwhelming 9 points, with a new poll giving him a 51 percent approval.  

According to the quarterly polls released by Steadman Research Group, this is the first time a presidential candidate’s approval ratings have surpassed the 50 percent mark.  

While releasing the results on Saturday, Political Consultant Tom Wolf said the Head of State is more popular in the rural areas than in the urban areas especially in Central, Eastern andNorth

Central Province respondents led by 86 percent followed by Eastern Province with 60 percent while Rift Valley and North Eastern Province came third with 51 percent.  

“Interestingly, even among the ones who feel closest to ODM(Orange Democratic Party of Kenya), about one in ten identifies the President as the one they would give their vote to,” revealed Wolf.  

His closest challenger, Langata MP Raila Odinga was 34 percentage points lower, with 17 percent of respondents endorsing him, while Kalonzo Musyoka’s popularity dropped from 20 to 14 percent.  

This is the first time that the Langata MP has surpassed his ODM counterpart Kalonzo. In December, Raila’s rating was 14 percent compared to Kalonzo’s 20 percent.  

Wolf however said the polls conducted between 14th and 21st of March; indicated that the President’s supporters still see Kalonzo as one of his biggest threat.  

He also noted that there is uncertainty on which political party the incumbent President is likely to run on.  

“When we posed the question, which party do you think President Kibaki will run on, 60 percent said Narc Kenya compared to 59 percent in December last year. 28 percent said Narc which is a 5 percent increase from December’s polls while 9 percent said they did not know,” added Wolf.  

The survey indicated that leader of opposition Gatundu South MP Uhuru Kenyatta and former ruling party KANU’s support continue to wane to the lowest levels recorded so far of 2 percent.  

The three most popular parties ODM, NARC and NARC
Kenya continue to gain support at the expense of other parties.

The consultant said President Kibaki’s announcement of his re-election bid has been the most significant event that has shaped the current political scene.  

Other findings indicated that Kenyans find it difficult to think of alternatives to the current political class in terms of alternative presidential candidates.  

The target population for this survey was all Kenyan adults aged 18 and above.  

A sample size of 2,027 respondents was drawn to achieve a 35:65 urban to rural ratio.  

The interviews were done at household level to allow for pure random sampling and thus ensure a full representation of the various demographics and also for quality control.


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