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Watching Kenyan diplomats abroad

Posted by African Press International on March 31, 2007

Kenya High Commission ARROGANCE2007/03/31 09:47

This week one of the leading UK/Kenyan website quoted
“Reliable sources at the Kenya Embassy in London reviews that several senior diplomats at the embassy has been recalled back to Kenya which is quite unusual as some of them have not yet finished three years”

During the last elections HE Mwai wa Kibaki promised that he was starting a new chapter of a working government which obviuosly would include KHC IN LONDON .What went wrong with this government and it’s organisations????????????

Kenyans in UK have cried their heads off with the poor service they get at KHC.This includes a faliure to send a reprentative to welcome fellow Kenyans on this Global Exchange Event.This event was attended by The local MP for Harlow constituency Bill Rammell who is also The Minister of Higher Education in UK. Richard Howitt, MEP (Member of European Parliament)A represetative of South East of England in Brussels, Anne Strike (Goodwill Ambassador for Action on Disability and Development), Mark Pendlington – BAA Director of Communications, Peter Ngugi who is a pastor and Kenyan leader.Maranatha World Revival UK Pastor Peter Muigai among others.

HE Muchemi we are asking you now,Are these not VIP’S who made an effort to meet and encourage the youths????What cretaria do your public office use to gauge the impotance of Kenyans events????????.Why did you not send even a representative of hamukuwa na petroli tumchangie??????????There are youths going to Kenya on this programme from UK ,Are you going to give them Kenyan visas to travel to Mombasa???????????We demand for answers.

During HE Kibaki’s last visit in UK, Hon Wetangula the assistant Minister,Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked you for the good work of making KHC user Friendly possibly because you were very new.Mr Muchemi,have you lost touch of your office or you still got hangovers of Woken affairs?????????

Ruth Talbot Global Exchange Supervisor expressed her anger among others when they got interviewed by the press camera crew and had to bury my bead in the sand when they opened their gates to condemn you office

” Hon. Raphael Tuju, M.P.,Assistant Minister for International Affairs Hon. Moses Wetangula,MP,Permanent Secretary Mr. Thuita Mwangi,Chief of Protocol Amb. Bruce Madete,Your office seriously needs to see this DVD and have a review.”Ruth blamed Mr Muchemi’s PA (MAY BE UNPROFESSIONAL AND ARROGANT KENYAN CIVIL SERVANT WHO LEAVES IN HER OWN PLANET)for having no concern at all and as baba has taught us we say “WEWE PUMBAVU TU IN A DEEP KIKUYU ACCENT”

Many kenyans had a laugh when a few Kenyans eyed the Top Kenyans seat in UK REF:
“Bishop Gilbert Deya tells Apn by Phone that ODM-K has promised him to become Kenya’s High Commissioner to London” has-promised-him-to-become-kenyas-high-commissioner-to-london/
Could have ARCH Deya seen the light at the end of the Tunnel???????Another famous business doggy lady has expressed the desire of the Hot seat.Can they do the job and DELIVER?????Will they make KHC A NON SLEEPING EMBASSY.Your answer is as good as mine.

Kenyans in UK their eyes on you to act now
· Hon. Raphael Tuju, M.P.

Assistant Ministers
Assistant Minister for International Affairs
· Hon. Moses Wetangula, M.P.

Assistant Minister for African Affairs
· Hon. Hon. Kembi Gitura, M.P.

Permanent Secretary
. Mr. Thuita Mwangi

Chief of Protocol
· Amb. Bruce Madete.

Contact Information
Old Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue
P.O. Box 30551, Nairobi
Tel. 334433
Telegrams: “FOREIGN”

Make your scream now and write to these people and demand the answers.Please note elections are round the corner and Kenyans will vote fror a working and serious governmentPosted by Karuga Njuguna, Published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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