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Disrimination: When will it end in our society?

Posted by African Press International on March 21, 2007


In our African society,  there is a lot of discrimination amongst ourselves. For example, a child can pass with good marks say KCSE B+, this child may end up not being admitted in any college but  if a child from a rich family gets even C, he or she might end up in a good college.


In my community, there was a girl child who sat for her KCSE education and scored grade B+, this girl was an orphan staying with the grandmother who was aged. Despite her hard work, doing her studies with lantern and in case of no paraffin, she could use moonlight to do her homework, since she was on a day school next to the grandmothers place, but due to discrimination, she was not accepted anywhere.


Her friends from the same class who were well off and performed poorly, managed to go to colleges. Being so much frustrated, she ended up becoming a barmaid in order to get money for her living and caring for the grandmother.  As per now she is leading a measurable life in the streets.


Discrimination has really spoilt our society, the rich wants to be more rich not bothering about the poor.


Written By,

Pauline Onyango, Kisumu – Kenya

Published by African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +6300 2525

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