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The ODM-KS is a wonderful political entity and let us support it. What happened to NARC-KS? Give Raila a chance

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007

Dear All Kenyans in Scandinavia,

You will agree with me that we are at a very critical point in our political transition in Kenya. We can only feed our political hopes with the reality on the ground, to chose or not to chose is your persnal political stand.

The ODM-KS is a wonderful political entity and let us support it. What happened to NARC-KS?

We are not angels to know who is speaking the truth in our Kenya politics. I have been staying in Sweden for long time and out of my experience, i have learnt that track record is the only thing we can use to judge our politicians.

I gues the ODM-KS are doing good in practicing some politics while abroad. It is very important for any active politician to take a stand on who he/she is supporting.

By doing so,they can influence people back home to vote for the right people. You know it like i know it that whoever they will chose, he/she will never add apotion of Posho/ugali on our table.

Let them elect who they want to lead Kenya. Since there is no difference between the misrule of Kenyatta, Moi and now Kibaki, Raila is the best canditate for the job. give him achance just like we have given the other three.

Pili pili usioila yakuwashia nini? Hu ni msemo wa Kiswahili ambao ningependa Wakenya Kuuchambua kulungana na siasa yetu ya Kenya.

Paul Kamau.  Sweden

Published by African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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President Jammeh of The Gambia is a traditional healer

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007


President Jammeh checking the state of one of his patients (Photo from:

 <President Jammeh in action as he applies his healing technics!


It must not go un-noticed that the President of The Gambia does not only have skills to govern, but also that His excellency Alhaji Dr Yahya Adul Azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh has skills that save lives.

The head of state has received praise now that, “The National Traditional Medicine Programme at the Department of State for Health and Social Welfare, has congratulated President Yahya Jammeh  for proving his services to mankind.”

Releasing the information the National Traditional Medicine Programme has send out a full text of a press release that reads, “On behalf of all the traditional healers in The Gambia, the Management of The National Traditional Medicine Programme of the Department of State for Health and Social Welfare is hereby congratulating the President of The Gambia, His Excellency Dr Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh, for once again proving to Gambians and the whole of humanity, his innovativeness, ingenuity and selfless service to mankind.

His giving of relieve and hope to the critically-ill with HIV/Aids and asthma has abundantly and clearly manifested his astounding knowledge of traditional medicine. 

We the traditional healers of The Gambia once again in solidarity with the President would like to pledge our firm allegiance and unflinching support to him in his drive to relieve Gambians and non-Gambians from devastating diseases and ailments besieging our country and adversely depleting our national coffers.

We therefore pray that the Almighty Allah strengthen his hands, bestow on him good health and immense wisdom to discover more in-roads in alleviating the sufferings of the sick and restoring back their health. In the same vein, we are expressing our sincere gratitude to our able Secretary of State for Health, Dr Tamsir Mbowe and all his colleagues in the Cabinet, the Permanent Secretary for Health, Sulayman Samba and the Director of Health Services, Dr Mariatou Jallow,  for standing by the President in this landmark event in the history of traditional medicine and our homeland, The Gambia.”

This is a very important step in The Gambia and for the people who are keen in fighting the disease.

The international media has recently had to to terms with the fact that the President can cure HIV/AIDs and has skills to treat Ashtma and epilepsy.

Apn beleives that it is very important to accept all methods that work despite shortcomings because there is no cure for HIV/AIDS that is deadly.

When the news of President Jammeh’s skills was made public, there were those who became sceptical and yet they do not provide alternatives.

Apn wishes the president well and pray that his powers to heal HIV/AIDS patients be strengthened so that many may benefit now or in the future.

At the same time, people should not relax their behaviour in protecting themselves. The fact that the disease can be cured should not make people to have unprotected sex simply because they will get a cure.

We must continue to protect ourselves and at the same time be positive to anything, any avenue and anyone who can use skills, to save lives.

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By Korir, Published by African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.The

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Is Kenya ready for a Luo President?

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007

2007 is election year in Kenya 

This year is election year in Kenya. Kenyans would like to get a leader they will trust. To do so, one has to look at the country’s history before and after independence.

While doing so, one has to consider many things including tribal connotations and loyalty to the state and the Kenyan people.

One should also look at the past rulers and how they functioned and which tribes have done what for the Kenyan people.

There is one very important factor in leadership: “Tolerance.”

Many Kikuyu people died for Kenya during Mau Mau

When the colonialists ruled Kenya they manhandled the Kenyan people. Manhandling did not end until the Mau Mau uprising was stepped up forcing the colonial government to agree to hand over power.

For Kenya to become independent many Kikuyu people lost their lives than any other tribe in the country. This is a fact that the Kenyans and all the tribes of Kenya must accept.

What we are saying should not be seen as a contribution to tribalism. People have to deal with the the truth and accept it as it is. This is not being brought up to cause division in the country but to see the point, accept it and move on.

When Mzee Jomo Kenyatta took over as the President, he appointed a Luo Man Mr Jaramogi Oginga Odinga to be his vice President. That was okay for all the other tribes. Kenyans wanted to be their own bosses and surely they did.

Odinga’s impatience and intolerance

It did not take long before a problem arose within the government. The then vice president Odinga, did not have patience and tolerance. He wanted to topple Kenyatta. That is called lust for power.

The government had to get a new vice president. Joseph Murumbi stepped in and the Kenyatta administration continued to serve Kenyans.

It was soon to become tribal at the top. Many appointments in most senior and sensitive positions were given to Kikuyu people by Kenyatta. Can we blame him for doing that?

The answer would be no. Kenyatta saw no reason to trust any other tribe after that. He had trusted Odinga, a Luo man but he became impatient and intolerant. The seat of vice president was not big enough for Odinga. He wanted to be president.

Many started blaming Kenyatta for being tribal in his appointments after Odinga’s fall from grace as his vice president.

The “Loyal and patient” Daniel Moi rewarded

Murumbi’s exit was smooth. A gentleman’s resignation. After Murumbi, Kenyatta appointed Daniel Arap Moi, as vice President. The then quiet Moi became Kenyatta’s loyal servant and the servant of the Kenyan people. He was loyal, patient and tolerant. He did not try to topple Kenyatta. Kenyatta was comfortable to have such a man as his vice president.

Moi, a Kalenjin was not a man who tried to influence Kenyatta to appoint many Kalenjins in top and sensitive positions just like Odinga had tried to do when he tried to push Kenyatta around in an effort to get the president to appoint his Luo supporters to top positions.

When Kenyatta died peacefully in Mombasa state house, Moi took over power. Moi did not sack anyone immediately. He followed Kenyatta’s footsteps and allowed those appointed by the late president to continue in their top sensitive positions.

The clipping of the wings 

It was not until when he was almost overthrown in 1982 attempted coup that the then President, Daniel Moi decided to clip the wings of those he found to be against his leadership.

Loyal and patient Kibaki 

On taking over the presidency, Moi appointed appointed Mwai Kibaki, a Kikuyu as his vice president.

Kibaki was a loyal and patient. But when Moi realised his policies were being sabotaged by some people in his government, he decided to sack many and replace them with his own men. He kept his vice president.

It was not long before government buildings, state house and other major important installations were headed by many from the Kalenjin tribe. Of course Moi had said he was following Kenyatta’s footsteps. And Kenyatta was simply being copied by Moi in way of appointing his own men and women. These were the people Moi felt comfortable with, but he also had to have other tribes because of unity, peace and stability that the country needed after the attempted coup of 1982 had distabilised the nation.

Can we blame Moi for having many Kalenjins at the top and sensitive positions after the attempted coup to topple him?

The answer is no, if we have to be realistic because leadership depends on trust and loyalty to the leader and the people the leader is serving.

Moi at one point decided to renew the vice presidency by removing Kibaki, but did not put him in the cold. He gave him a ministerial position. People have said it was a demotion, but the fact is that the ministry of health is a very important and significant ministry world-wide. It is the ministry that makes policies that save people’s lives.

Moi then appointed Prof George Saitoti, a Masai – Kikuyu who served Moi’s government just like Kibaki –  a service dedicated to the Kenyan people in total loyalty.

The multiparty democracy

The multiparty politics soon took the front seat in the 90’s forcing Moi government to re-tune and face the reality of changing politics.

Mwai Kibaki, Raila Odinga, Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia and others who pushed for multipartyism were soon in the front line challenging Moi for the presidency. They failed at the time to remove Moi.

President Mwai Kibaki and the faked memorandum of understanding

It was not until 2002 when Moi stepped down because of the respect for the constitution that a new man emerged the winner and took over as Kenya’s president. The man is Mwai Kibaki. He has led the country peacefully after taking over from Moi. President Kibaki has been loyal to the Kenyan people and has provided what the people needed most. The development and free primary education.

Kibaki’s government started slowly and carefully with coalition partners that included Prof Saitoti, Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga, Charity Ngilu, Kijana Wamalwa and others.

They said there was something called a memorandum of understanding that was signed. Kibaki has denied and has been supported by Saitoti who has characterised Raila as a leader that cannot be trusted. Saitoti and Kibaki have said that they were in the room where MoU was supposed to have been endorsed, an endorsement that would have made Kibaki to appoint some of the coalition partners to the top and to sweet things in his government, sharing the ministerial positions equally. According to Kibaki and Saitoti, there was no MoU unless one faked by his critics.

When Kibaki went ahead in style and appointed those he felt were fit to work with him, the coalition partners from the then little know LDP party cried foul and started causing endless squabbles inside the cabinet. They threatened the president to dare sack them warning him that if he did so, the government would collapse.

Kibaki send all LDP cabinet ministers home and withdrew all the pleasures they were enjoying, the pleasures that come with the ministerial flag.

This made many LDP men and women to start accusing Kibaki and his government. They even took the war to Western countries where they visited in pretence that their visits are meant to attract investors to Kenya.

Kibaki has already been accused for surrounding himself with Kikuyu people that run top sensitive positions. Are we going to blame him? The answer is no, because when the people he trusted – the LDP gang, damaged the cabinet before they were dismissed, continued to accuse him of tribalism, Kibaki had only one choice left – to get his men and women who he trusts for the stability of his government because he wants the Kenyan people to be the beneficiaries.

ODM-Kenya as a party was born with the intention to remove Kibaki from power

Now ODM-Kenya leaders are hoping to force Kibaki out of power. Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta and others in their fold have a very difficult problem. They want Kibaki out, but forgetting that they have to be united first and speak with one voice.

This past weekend, there was a meeting organised in the UK, the former colonial master’s ground, where all the ODM-Kenya presidential hopefuls, Raila, Ruto, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Uhuru, Balala and others were to meet and attempt to unite under the umbrella of the controversial Kenyan Bishop in the UK Gilbert Deya, who is accused of child trafficking and is wanted by the Kenya government to face the charges.

Controversial Bishop Deya wants Raila as president 

It was expected that Deya, who was to foot all the bills connected with the ODM-K UK escapade, would also try to convince the leaders to choose Raila Odinga as the ODM-K presidential flag bearer.

When the other leaders realised what the whole thing was about, they refused to travel to the UK leaving Raila and Deya to agree whether to meet or not.

It has been reported that Raila was in the UK meeting his supporters and that Deya, according to Raila did not attend the meeting.

However, now it is clear that Deya man is active behind the scenes. This has scared off the other presidential hopefuls.

Back to our question: Is Kenya ready for a Luo President?

In summary: We believe that every Kenyan has the right to become president if the people decide.

Factually, however, we are now in a situation where Oginga Odinga was not patient and tolerant enough to wait and take over after Jomo Kenyatta as Daniel Moi did. Does Oginga Odinga’s  character and behaviour at the time exclude all Luo people from becoming president?

We do not think so, and yet again we know how important it is to be careful in getting a leader. It is not enough to give leadership to a tribe simply because we think that the presidency has to be rotated in order to satisfy tribal feelings.

If there is a competent Luo who can become the president, then let it be! What Kenya needs is a leader that will unite the Kenyan people and guide them to prosperity.

Most of the tribes in Kenya are loyal to the Kenyan people and would like to see Kenya get a true statesman, one above who will not dwell in tribal appointments. But this is not one easy thing to overcome in Kenya in the very near future.

Kenyatta gave opportunity to the Kikuyu people when making top sensitive appointments. Moi gave opportunity to the Kalenjins when making top sensitive appointments just like Kenyatta had done.

Kibaki has already been accused of doing the same – giving Kikuyu people top sensitive positions.

What difference will it make if Kenya got a Luo President? The tribal thing will continue and be even more stronger.

Stability and the fight against corruption 

While Kenyans try to look for the answer to the question, observers agree that Kenya needs stability and to continue to develop and fight corruption as it is doing now.

We do not advocate for any party, or any presidential aspiring candidate, and yet again many observers seem to agree that one last term for Kibaki might allow Kenyans to attain a stable political maturity, before the change of guard which can come after five years.

Stable political maturity is considered to be very important, because Kenyans will benefit from it in the need to move forward in future without having a president who uses tribesmen and women as a camping-tent to secure his or her cling to power.

Importantly as well is for ODM-Kenya mature and clean their own house first before venturing out to the electorate, because without unity within, one cannot manage to lead the country. ODM-K has continued to do what they do best – squabbling among themselves and accusing Kibaki government whenever they get the opportunity to do so.

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By Korir, Published by African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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ODM-Kenya squabbling continues

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007

According to APN, ODM-K squabbling continues and will soon see the party in shambles if nothing is done to save it as soon as possible.

According to the standard, “It is suspicion and anxiety galore in ODM-Kenya with focus turning on Lang’ata MP Raila Odinga and what he would do when he returns on Monday.”

When the other leaders decided to listen to the Kenyans and boycott the  former UK colonial master and the meeting place, Raila decided to ignore the Kenyan people. He chose to have a one man show. “Waiting on the Kenyan soil will be his fellow presidential hopefuls who sensationally cancelled their flight to the London talks, which culminated in an ODM-Kenya rally in the heartland of the European capital, yesterday. The team that disowned the London talks, ostensibly because it had wrongly been tagged a begging mission and a Tosha session were Kanu chairman Uhuru Kenyatta, Mwingi North MP Kalonzo Musyoka, Eldoret North MP William Ruto, Mvita MP Najib Balala, Nominated MP Julia Ojiambo and ODM-Kenya chairman Henry Kosgey.”

Now what is next? “National politics could take new direction or static depending on Raila’s next move, given that he has struck to his guns that there was nothing sinister about the London meeting. He stood his ground, saying the talks would go on because those who skipped neither understood its magnitude nor its importance. He also denied claims it was a one-man show in which he would, if it played out well, be the lead actor. On Saturday, Raila exonerated himself from insinuations that the meeting was his arrangement and was meant to endorse him.”

Raila wants the Kenyan people to believe him as he explains himself, “When I left the country, this meeting had not been confirmed. While I was away, I read in the papers that my friend Kalonzo had said at a rally in western Kenya that the London trip was on and that it would heal the party. Later I got a call from ODM-Kenya headquarters telling me to make sure I attended the London meeting as all aspirants had confirmed they would be travelling there”; the standard reports

And as Raila continues his arguments in trying to show that the party as united one, he says, “How it turned out to be my meeting, I cannot tell. Bishop (Gilbert) Deya was nowhere in the meeting. The organisers told me they had asked him to provide transport since he has buses, but they never used the buses. He was not part of the arrangement.”

The fact that it is reported that “Despite the negative publicity, he said 127 people turned up in a hall that had booked for 150 people”; does not change the fact that the party is now disunited and the other aspirants wants to break away and join other parties.

Things have been happening. “Privately there have been unflattering words flying in all directions among the party big wigs, some claiming, and which Raila strongly denies, that the talks were ‘exhibitionist’ vehicle. It is this and other claims that could be the subject of guarded peerage talks in the party when Raila lands. Last week, ODM presidential hopeful Musalia Mudavadi said the party would be meeting to patch up the differences sparked by the falling out over the trip. Again in the view of some in the party ODM-Kenya’s problems appear anchored on presidential ambitions of Kalonzo and Raila, both of whom for different reasons believe they should be given the ticket. Kalonzo because he has led the party’s brood in opinion polls, and Raila because of his dominant and martyr image in terms of the torturous years he has waded through in second and third liberation.”

The other aspirant for the presidency has spoken of despair and the standard writes, “In a candid interview on Saturday, Ruto said his party’s problems begin and end with personality clashes between Raila and Kalonzo, which he said are “getting serious.” He said new alliances or fresh parties would not work at this time. A perception was created at some point that Raila supports Kalonzo for the presidency. I don’t know where it came from, but Kalonzo built that in his mind. He took a lot of offence that Raila is not supporting him”, adding “Now, Kalonzo seems to be saying since Raila has refused to ‘make’ him president, he too will not ‘make’ Raila president. This is the reality we must deal with. Everything else is a sideshow.’’

It is reported that, “Raila’s arrival, amid pressure by the supporters of the various personalities jostling for vantage positions in the party on their chosen ‘candidate’ to resist being elbowed out of the racing track, coincides with claims that he looked at the London boycott as a betrayal. On Friday night, Raila and the only other presidential hopeful in the talks, Mr Joseph Nyagah, strode into a secluded London Country House Hotel to assure their supporters all is well in the party. Raila particularly said he has been ‘instructed’ by the party’s top brass in Nairobi to apologise to the ODM- Kenya (UK Chapter) for the boycott.”

He is reported saying, “My colleagues are grateful for the time you have put in arranging this dinner and tomorrow’s public rally,” Raila said. He was determined to save face while at the same time stifling speculation the party is divided. Taking the podium after a sumptuous meal of Kenyan delicacies – nyama choma, chicken and fish – Raila recalled the Kenya dream in 1963, which was to eradicate hunger, disease and poverty”, adding “We have not achieved this dream due to poor governance. That’s is why ODM-Kenya was born. ODM-Kenya’s mission is to achieve the 1963 dream.”

According to the standard, “Ruto conceded that suspicion and “gossip” threatened ODM-Kenya”, saying, “Gossip destroys people and parties and some of our colleagues are tolerating it.”

This is true.  “The suspicions followed the party all the way to the London talks. The Sunday Standard established that one of the aspirants who declined to travel called London. The ODM-Kenya leader in Nairobi wanted to get a first-hand account of what was going on. The recipient shared the aspirants’ views with the enraged organisers in London. The mood in the party borders on anxiety and mistrust, and there are also fears that the trip could have set off a series of events that could have paved way for a third force in local politics. Some fear this could mark the end of what could hardly be termed as cordial campaigns for the ODM-Kenya presidential ticket. Raila talked to each of his rivals on Friday in what was said to have been a guarded and cautious manner. Yesterday, he declined to give his take on the action by his colleagues. He could only say that his colleagues asked him to relay their apologies, and he did so.”

Chaotic scenes will soon be seen in the ODM-K establishment, but Raila does not want to accept it as yet.  According to Raila, “The chairman of the group is from Western Province, the deputy is from Wajir West. The secretary general is from Rift Valley, and his deputy is from Western. There is only one Luo in a committee of 10. Somebody was spreading propaganda that it was a Luo affair.” But his opinion and explanation will not change things now. 

The standard writes, “Ruto, who will be in Rachuonyo District on Sunday, said the perception that Kalonzo cannot support Raila and that Raila cannot support Kalonzo must be addressed. “Everyone needs to climb down. We have to go back to the basics. The ODM-Kenya the public wants must be a team. All these games we are engaging in are not helping anybody,” said Ruto.”

But as things become very serious time has come when all the leaders have to face the reality. “Leaders were on Saturday taking a reality check on the future, as the London trip continued to take a toll on unity of the party. The controversy surrounding the trip gave birth to speculation that the real battle was among the allies of top party presidential aspirants. That behind the fade of unity lies the unease from fresh political wars among aspirants actively seeking to build alliances, destroy their old and new enemies, gain new territories, and consolidate their standing. Among sympathisers of Raila, there was concern that his opponents took advantage of his absence to woo Ruto to their side. Largely because of his style, defiance, energy and sudden entry into the ODM-Kenya presidential race Ruto is been perceived to have signed a pact with Raila.”

Interestingly, “Ruto and Raila denied the existence of a pact. Raila said he respects Ruto as “an opponent and a fighter” while Ruto denied that he is aligned to any of the aspirants. He also denied that the Thursday meeting at which five ODM-Kenya aspirants disowned the London meeting constituted a shifting of alliances.”

Ruto is saying, “I have refused to align myself to Kalonzo or Raila because it has disastrous consequences.” Who did not know this from before?.

He justifies his fears by saying, “The moment I am seen as aligned to Kalonzo, Raila’s people will say this thing is skewed, let’s walk out. Kalonzo’s people will feel the same when I align myself with Raila. The moment that happens, ODM-Kenya is done. I am a formidable aspirant on my own.”

It is also now coming out that the people in ODM-K who were Kanu die-hard would like to take over ODM-K. The standard reports, “Still, in the boycott of the London trip, some MPs say there is an emergence of an “old Kanu network” that wants to take over ODM-Kenya. Gem MP, Mr Jakoyo Midiwo, said a network of old Kanu politicians and former civil servants have been plotting to take over the party. That network, he says, includes Kalonzo, a one-time powerful Kanu organising secretary, Mr Joseph Kamotho, a one-time Kanu secretary general, Mr David Musila, a former PC and Andrew Ligale, a former PS.”

Insiders who see the split in ODM-K are now beginning to talk. “Midiwo said this alignment leaves Ruto and Uhuru out “because they have never really been Kanu insiders. His assessment is that the group would, however, not mind the two joining, alongside Mudavadi, who is also seen to be too close to Raila. In London, Nyagah said it was amazing that those in the current Government considered that it belongs to people from a particular region. Nyagah pointed out that since he comes from near the President’s home in Nyeri, he was expected to toe the line and support the Government.”

Nyagah has his own explanation. He is quoted saying, “I broke ranks with them because I do not consider myself as belonging to politics of exclusion.” “I know if I’m elected President I will have Raila in my government. Raila will equally appoint me to his government if he gets the ODM nomination and ultimately wins the presidency.” 

Now he confirms the fears that Kenyans have had all along, that Raila and himself (Nyagah) have a pact that if Raila becomes the president, Nyagah will have to be in the government as well.” This kind of deal can bring the country into a standstill like it almost did when the pact between Raila group and Kibaki group was not honoured despite a written memorandum of understanding. What makes Nyagah beleive that his pact with Raila will hold water? 

According to the standard, “Kisumu Rural MP and ODM-Kenya secretary general Prof Anyang’ Nyongo, who is in London along with Mr Omingo Magara said: “Equity will be our key word. If people don’t feel they are part of the national mosaic they lose interest in what happens in their country,” said Nyong’o. The ODM-Kenya (UK Chapter) chairman Shabanji Opuka said: “It’s hoped that ODM-Kenya remains united and deliver the dream of a prosperous and all-inclusive Kenya,” Opuka appealed. Opuka revealed they would be mobilising resources and giving intellectual support to ODM-Kenya. He clarified the visit was not a begging mission. “The gathering we had yesterday (Friday) and Saturday was above board. We did it in an inclusive way,” said Opuka.”

Word is now coming out from London that the trip was not a begging mission. That only indicates that it was a spending mission! “Other ODM-Kenya (UK Chapter) organising committee members in attendance were, Mr Kipnyango Seroney, Mr Isaac Aluochire, Mr George Muruli, Mr Isaac Mutula and Mr Joe Ager. In Nairobi, Midiwo said the London meeting was known among party leaders for close to three months and only final confirmation were pedning. The trip acquired an official status after two MPs, Mr Kenneth Marende and Mrs Linah Kilimo went to London in December last year, to launch the ODM-UK chapter. The two MPs presented a report on their London Trip during the last party’s meeting in Naivasha. “Linah and Marende presented their report in Naivasha, which gave birth to this trip. The most important item was that the London group wanted ODM to appoint its candidate democratically, and promise to stay united.”

The London meeting is reported to have issued “BINDING Certificates to the presidential aspirants. Weared deal. How do you force people by certifying them so that they stay united? “The London group gave out certificates for each of the aspirants as a commitment that none of them would run away after nominations. Each of these aspirants has that certificate framed and with his or her name engraved on it. The London group is not fake or allied to an individual,” Midiwo said. Ojiambo also confirmed that the secretariat sent Kilimo and Marende to link up with the Diaspora and the two reported back to the party during the Naivasha meeting. “They came back with enthusiasm about the commitment of the Diaspora team and a request that all the aspirants should go and address Kenyans in London,” Ojiambo said. Ruto said crafting a new political arrangement would be an effort in vain. “People have expended a lot of energy in singing ODM-Kenya. They have unmatched faith in ODM-Kenya and its capacity to deliver. The referendum victory is still too fresh and sweet in the minds of ODM-Kenya supporters. We must sustain it,” Ruto said, as quoted by the standard.

Ruto knows that people are gettign tired of ODM-K in-fighting and is trying to console them by saying, “Promising our supporters a repeat of the victory is easier than promising that we are going to cook another thing.”

All these tactics may be coming too late to salvage the party.

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525.source

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Norway: She was humiliated in a report and had to resign

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007

Gerd-Liv Valla was both assertive and moved to tears in her resignation speech.

PHOTO: Solum, Stian Lysberg




Valla steps down:

Gerd-Liv Valla told gathered media on Friday that she still did not see that her conduct had in any way violated laws concerning treatment of employees in the workplace

*”On Friday an independent investigation delivered a report assessing if trade union confederation (LO) leader Gerd-Liv Valla bullied and harassed former LO international secretary Ingunn Yssen. According to’s sources, the report delivered a crushing verdict over Valla’s conduct in the matter.

Valla emphasized that in particular the accusation aired in the press that she had treated the news that international secretary Ingunn Yssen was pregnant negatively had hurt her feelings, and that she, a mother herself, could not avoid commenting on this now.

Valla said that the weeks since the conflict had become public had been a great burden, but that while she could handle death threats and pressure, she could not tolerate the impact the controversy was having on her family and LO, the trade union confederation she leads. Therefore, she was stepping down.

Valla went out in the kind of assertive style that led to her trouble in the first place, and strongly criticized the process that had led to her resignation.

“I have felt much of this as unseemly,” Valla said and besides criticizing LO’s decision to make the investigation an external matter she also blasted the media.

“The last weeks have weighed heavy. Things large and small have been blown up to major headline news. This has created a lot of bad blood and suspicion,” Valla said.

The former LO leader, who had been recently considered the most powerful person in the country considering her political influence with the Labour Party, which leads the governing majority coalition, also apologized to those who had supported her, for letting them down.

Gerd-Liv Valla took over as LO leader from Yngve Håkonsen in 2001, becoming the organization’s first female leader. In recent years the organization has put a high priority on women’s rights and harassment in the workplace, which made the accusations against Valla particularly awkward.”*

By Jonathan Tisdall

*”/”*Lifted and published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.aftenpostenENG

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Women tolerate alot like donkeys eg.. the beatings, abuses, embarrassments, humilations …

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007

The 8th of March was women’s day. I thought of writting this article about women. Who is a woman?

A woman is every good thing that we men should appreciate all the time. Why should we appreciate them? We should appreciate them? Because most of the time, they are humble, remorseful, beautiful, responsible, faithful, tolerant, outgoing, hardworking and the list goes on.

Let me touch some of this examples and explain why;
Responsible.. They most of the time make sure there is food on the table even when the so called dad did not provide it.
Hardworking…. They would do everything to see that the house is clean, food is cooked, children have gone to school, shopping is done and the list goes on.
Tolerant…They tolerate alot like donkeys eg.. the beatings, abuses, embarrassments, humilations etc
Remorseful.. They are most of the time remorseful and they most of the time forgive and forget.

Does this mean they are better than Dads? Yes of course.. having been raised by a woman who was left alone when dad died when I was only one
year, mum did her best to raise us.. 7 kids all by herself.. and I can assure you we grew up very well and we are all doing very well.

Would Daddy do the same? Maybe.. why maybe? maybe because when dads loose their wives they tend to marry another woman instead of trying to raise the children,and these makes it so difficult for them.Another example is some dads spend so much time in pubs and forget about their children.

Iknow a dad who moved out after loosing the wife, got married to a Mkamba woman, left the only daughter by herself, sold the apartment that the daughter was living in, settled with this woman and simply forgot about her daughter.

She led a miserable life and passed away sometime later. Not that the dad is doing well too right now. We should not promise them heaven and provide them with hell…

We should always respect them, thank them, kiss them, hug them, caress them, massage them if possible and if you are lucky they will make you
scream.. shout and thank God…thats a scent of a woman.. be proud to be a woman!!!

By Clay Onyango, Sweden

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Raila Calls on his ODM-K colleagues to quit the party

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007

While in London speaking to his supporters, the Standard has reported that Raila has called on those who skipped the London meeting to quit the party. It is believed that he thinks their absence to attend the meeting in the UK is unwillingness to work with him.

In London with Raila, Nyagah told the meeting that he knows how Kibaki administration will rig the elections. He admitted that while in Moi government, he was part of the riggers of the election. Such utterances should allow for prosecution since he has admitted that he was a rigger.

Nyagah has pointed an accusing finger to Kalonzo Musyoka as one person destabilizing ODM-Kenya. Nyagah seems to have given full support to Raila hoping that the later captures the presidency and appoint him to another top job, maybe the vice presidency.

Those wise enough to cancel meeting Deya in the UK were William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Musyoka Kalonzo, Musalia Mudavadi, Najib Balala, Julia Ojiambo, Nazlin, the ODM-K chairman Henry Koskey and team leader Kalonzo, who all skipped the meeting when they discovered the controversial Bishop Gilbert Deya wanted for crimes against children was the financier of the London meeting.

It has also been uncovered that Deya who has been promised the job of Kenya High Commissioner to London if ODM-Kenya got the power in Kenya, did not attend the meeting but send his son Rev Deya to bless Raila’s presence and the meeting.

Reports now reach Apn that Deya is Raila’s relative and that may be the reason why he has been promised the job of High Commissioner if the party comes to power.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Sweden: The ODM-Kenya party continues chaotic journey nominating Raila on 14th April as preferred presidential flag bearer

Posted by African Press International on March 12, 2007

The Kenya Stockholm Blog reports that ODM-Kenya Scandinavia chapter will choose a presidential candidate on the 14th of April.

It is reported that the exercise is very urgent because of the confusion caused already by party members and the presidential hopefuls because of not agreeing on who will represent the party during the coming presidential elections..

Kenya Stockholm Blog reports that, “majority of Committee members think that the issue of the Party’s preferred Presidential candidate needs to be sorted out because it is subverting debate about Party building and diverting attention on how the Party can help ODM-Kenya seize power this December when General elections will be held in Kenya.”

Those vote on the 14th are said to be all those who have paid their membership fee. They will choose their preferred candidate.

The blog has written that the supporters of ODM-K in Stockholm support different presidential candidates.

The voting will take place and results announced on the same day. The results might either break the branch party in Stockholm if a candidate is forced on the members. Voting will be by secret ballot.

It will be interesting to see who the ODM-K Scandinavia Chapter will choose. According to reliable source that have spoken to Apn from Stockholm, the members will choose Raila Odinga ans the branch’s preferred presidential candidate. Word has reached Apn that most of the members will reject Raila and if forced on them, they will quit the party.

The mother party ODM-K has decided to wait with the nomination of the flag bearer. It is therefore not understood why a branch wants to go ahead and nominate a flag bearer before the main party office has given a go ahead.

If Raila is nominated by the Scandinavia chapter, that will be an indication of things to come.

Mr Munala, who spoke to KSB on behalf of the branch is quoted saying, “members of ODM-KS are supporting different Presidential candidates and for us to focus on how to help the mother Party win elections in December, we need to put the issue of Presidential candidate behind us”, adding, “that those who think that ODM-K is on the brink of collapse will be in for a big surprise.”

Many observers are now saying that the officials may be the ones in for a surprise if they do not take things carefully and slowly instead of rushing to name a candidate.

Munala has been quoted saying, “As a Party branch, we have a right to decide on a candidate and by deciding on the date of doing so, we are operating within our democratic space.”

Munala and his group in Stockholm have now ignored the main party leadership in Kenya. Munala is quoted saying the Stockholm, “party’s leadership believes that it needs to take a position on the issue of Presidential candidate as a matter of urgency because the same issue has been the source of constant animosity and suspicions in ODM-Kenya.”

This seems to be a realisation after William Ruto has come out in Kenya media saying that he does not want to be Raila’s or Kalonzo’s ally because it will be disastrous for him.

Munala has told KSB that, “The issue is dividing ODM-Kenya supporters and for the Scandinavian branch”, adding that they, “believe that picking a candidate as soon as possible is a step in the right direction.”

ODM-K Scandinavia chapter will, “decide between Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto, Najib Balala, Uhuru Kenyatta, Nazlin Omar, Musalia Mudavadi and Julia Ojiambo who all want to be the Party’s torch bearer. Mr. Munala told KSB that voting for the candidates by ODM-KS members was the only democratic way of resolving the issue in Scandinavia”, adding that, “ODM-KS members are politically mature and that they are in a position to handle the issue effectively.”

On agreeing on the date to pick a candidate, “The Committee meeting was Chaired by Mrs Hellen Opwapo, the Party’s Chair-lady while it was attended by all Party officials. The Committee also prepared a list of activities the party will undertake in the coming weeks. The meeting resolved that in the coming period, the Party’s leadership will concentrate on consolidating its membership, recruit new members, organizing sessions for political education, fund raising to finance the newly opened ODM-KS Office in Stockholm and coming up with new ideas on how the Narc government could be brought down from power.”

All eyes of the Kenyans living in Scandinavia will be focused on the Stockholm event on the 14th April and it will be a miracle if the party committee members will land on a different candidate to recommend than Raila.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525.source.ksb

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Let us consistently show our dislike for corruption

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<Written by Dr. Stephen Kabera Karanja. The writer is a lawyer based in Norway. Story lifted from his Blogspot. For more on corruption visit his site below.
I read the story in the Daily Nation 10 March 2007 by BEATRICE OFWONA by the title “Let us all act now for a better future” with keen interest.
The story touched on key issues which we can do to fight decadence in our society. But the one aspect that attracted my attention most is the one on corruption for obvious reason that it resonates with the interest of this blog.
She wrote:“A HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST HAS ADVISED US TO START thinking seriously about not letting corrupt people into our churches and other places of worship; of treating such people whose names have been linked to corrupt deals like the pariahs that they are; of letting them and their families suffer the brunt of our scorn and maybe, just maybe, we might dissuade others of corrupt inclination from engaging in such activities.”
This approach to corruption is in line with what this blog advocates. We believe that the fight against corruption can be totally won if citizens show their dislike towards it.
The example by Ofwona should be extended to all facets of life not only churches, just as we have called for locking out corrupt politicians from elective and other public offices. The dislike for corruption should be extended to our schools, public offices, hospitals, police force, judiciary, parliament, government, universities, and so on.
It is only through a concerted dislike and action against corruption and the corrupt that we can redeem our society from this deadly cancer.
By Dr Karanja

Published by African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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