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Bishop Gilbert Deya tells Apn by Phone that ODM-K has promised him to become Kenya’s High Commissioner to London

Posted by African Press International on March 9, 2007

The offer of the job is as a result of Deya’s participation in ensuring funding of the election campaigns in Kenya. 

Shocking news now coming out from the UK in connection with Deya’s involvement in ODM-Kenya’s cancelled trip and the promises he has been given if he helps the party with funding does not go down well with ODM-K leaders who say they are against corruption. Secret deal of this kind amounts to corruption. Giving away the post of High Commissioner in exchange with the money secretly raised by someone wanted by Kenya on the crime of child traffincking.

APN has managed to get in touch with Deya through the phone. He has revealed that there is a deal that has been struck between him and the ODM-Kenya leadership, adding that as a Kenyan he has a right to actively get involved in the ODM-K politics and also to use his influence in raising money for the party from his friends and his followers.

Deya says he has been offered to become Kenya’s High Commissioner to London if ODM-Kenya takes over power in Kenya after the coming elections.

Deya who has been accused of child trafficking, and is wanted in Kenya says that the ODM-K is a willing partner in the deal and he will raise a large sum of money that will be used in the campaigns in Kenya.

The man does not lack surprises to tell the Kenyans. When asked about the child trafficking case in Kenya and how he could be given such a high position when Kenya wants to prosecute him, Deya says that the new government of ODM-K has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Deya Ministries that the charges will be dropped if ODM-Kenya takes over, thereafter, his appointment will be made public  on the 25th of February 2008.

When Apn told him that it did not make sense especially when he had a concrete date for his appointment, the man was insistant saying that according to the deal the appointment would have to wait for 2 months because a new ODM-K attorney general would have to process the case and have it withdrawn.

This now confirms why he was secretly involved in raising over 10 000 pounds and willing to clear all the bills that ODK-K leaders would incur in connection with the UK trip.

It has also emerged that the ODM-Kenya leaders while in London with Deya, were to discus unity and also agree on who the flag bearer will be. This is scary because ODM-K leaders are now allowing Deya to be a mediator in looking for a solution on who the flag bearer should be in the coming presidential elections.

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