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ODM-Kenya presidential hopeful, Raila Odinga makes his clothes abroad

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2007

Vying for nomination as ODM-K flag bearer for presidency in the coming elections, Raila Odinga has made good t-shirts, but not from a Kenyan businessman. His tailor is from Abidjan, far away from the country he wants to rule as president.

Leaders should promote their countrymen when they use their money to purchase things. That is how be build our people and give them a chance to get better living.

It has been reported that Raila was in Minnesota, USA yesterday auctioning his t-shirts in an effort to raise more funds for his campaign in Kenya.

By Korir

Published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Anti-immigration politicians to in Norway to use pig tactics to chase Muslims

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2007

*”Norwegian anti-immigration politicians in Bergen have promised to chase off Muslims with pigs feet and squealing noises if Bergen’s central square is used for prayers.

Torgallmenningen is one of scenic Bergen’s many attractions.


The leader of the Demokratene, an extreme populist party formed by outcasts of the populist Progress Party, Vidar Kleppe, said Wednesday that he backed the remarks of city council representative Kenneth Rasmussen.

Rasmussen reacted with threats of porcine tactics after Labour Party politician Jerad Abdelmajid said that the city’s Muslims could take their Friday prayers in Torgallmenningen, Bergen’s central square, when they will be without a mosque from March 31. Building of a new mosque is behind schedule.

Abdelmajid’s announcement provoked heated public debate.

“I completely agree with Kenneth Rasmussen that Muslims having their Friday prayers with their butts in the air in the city center is no solution. They can find other places,” Kleppe told news agency NTB.

Kenneth Rasmussen told newspaper Dagbladet’s web site that Bergen residents should hang up pig’s feet and play pig squeals over loudspeakers to scare off Muslims, and claimed these tactics worked when he was a soldier for the United Nations in Somalia and Lebanon in the 1990s.

Kleppe was willing to admit that this was provocative, but that it was correct of his party colleague to propose vigorous solutions.

“It is healthy with lively debates… his main point is surely that Bergen’s residents do not appreciate Friday prayers in the city’s main square,” Kleppe said.

“This will do more damage than good. A threat does not justify another threat, no matter who proposes it,” entrepreneur Shahzad Rana told newspaper VG. “Here there have been provocations from both sides. Is it not possible for them to sit down and talk?” Rana asked.”*

By Jonathan Tisdall

*”/”*Lifted and published by African press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.aftenpostenENG

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Rapists in Oslo still on the loose

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2007

*”The new police sketch (right) and suspect information was unveiled on Wednesday afternoon.


Oslo police claim they are now reasonably sure that there are two men behind the sexual assaults in Oslo over the last weekend. “We are beginning to be reasonably certain that there are two perpetrators behind the three attempted rapes in downtown Oslo over the weekend,” police lawyer Trude Sparre told newspaper Dagbladet’s web site.

Police previously believed there was one man behind the three attacks, but several factors indicate a pair of assailants.

The attempted rape in Kirkegårdsgata (gata=street) is said to be markedly different from the two in Lakkegata and Trondheimsveien. In the latter two the victim was threatened with a knife, which was not the case in the Kirkegårdsgata attack.

The 25-year-old woman who was the attempted rape victim in Kirkegårdsgata was questioned again by police on Tuesday. Her description of her assailant varies from that given by the other two women.

“She had a completely different description of the man. It is still a case of an African person, but he has broader lips and nose. He has a bit more facial hair and rougher skin,” Sparre said.

On Tuesday afternoon police released a sketch of the man then believed to be behind all three attacks. He is described as a man of African origin in his 20s. Now police are working on a new sketch that they hope to make public on Wednesday afternoon.

A door-to-door effort with the sketch has given the police a good response. Police have yet to find a man considered a key witness after he intervened in the Lakkegata attack and hit the assailant.”*

By Randi Johannessen and Jonathan Tisdall

*”/”*Lifted and published by African Press in Norway, apn, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525. source.aftenpostenENG

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Norwegian boys do not leave the mother’s nest early enough

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2007

*”A new study reveals that young Norwegian men live at home with their parents longer, while young women get out and buy their first property. A study carried out by bank Nordea showed that three out of ten young women own their own residence, a far higher percentile than among young men, newspaper Dagsavisen reports.

“Women get out and take responsibility for owning their own residence, while boys stay at home in their room,” said consumer economist Randi Marjamaa at Nordea.

Half of those who remain in the family nest pay nothing for their lodging. This creates poor habits Marjamaa believes, and she recommends that parents demand at least a symbolic sum so that their children get used to the idea of monthly expenses.

“It is nice that parents support their children, but they get a shock when they move out,” Marjamaa told the newspaper.”*

*”/”*Lifted by Korir

Published by African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.aftenpostenENG

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Speaker deplores the government’s refusal on 2006-2007 budget release

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2007

Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) The Speaker of the National People’s Assembly (ANP) Francisco Benante Wednesday deplored the government’s refusal to present its 2006-2007 budget to the ordinary session of the Parliament that started in the morning in Bissau.

“The overall state budget should be discussed and adopted during the current ordinary session of the National People’s Assembly as it was not adopted during the previous parliamentary sessions. We are however sorry to note that the government has not submitted its draft budget to the National Assembly”, he said.

He thus held the government of Prime Minister Aristide Gomes accountable for the non adoption of the budget during that session.

In fact, the Speaker of the Parliament suspects the Executive Power of attempting to ask the organization of an extra-ordinary session for the vote of the overall state budget.

He also voiced his concern over the lack of dialogue and consultation between MPs from different parliamentary groups and the violence noted during the recent months between MPs.

“The position of a national MP is incompatible with violence. It is quite normal that in a democratic country some MPs from different political parties might not share the same view on a number of issues. But this situation can be solved through dialogue and consultation for the ultimate interest of the nation”, he underscored.

The current session of the ANP which started in the presence of a delegation of Portuguese MPs led by Mrs Teresa Sardinelle, deputy-secretary general of the national Assembly is meant to last one month.

Among the issues to be debated during the parliamentary session are the amnesty law, the information system on national security and the Parliament Budget, among others. /apa

Published by Korir,
African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Tanzanian ambassador to Scandinavia Ben Moses tells APN that President Kikwete’s visit to Norway was a success

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2007

The Tanzanian Ambassador is a jolly good man. Talking with him remindend me of a real true African whose heart is to serve his people wherever he is stationed. His Scandinavian posting bears fruit for his country and has made it possible to have a successful official visit to Scandinavia.

Speaking to African Press, the Ambassador was happy that the President’s visit to Norway started well, a sign of good cooperation between the two countries.

On arrival in Norway on Tuesday, the President in company of the ambassador and other government officials met with the Norwegian officials and businessmen before retiring for the night; says the ambassador

Wednesday, the president used time to acquaint himself with Norwegian companies and meet top company officials outside Oslo, the capital city. The aim of such meetings is to strengthen relationships between Norway and Tanzania.

The president decided to wind up his meeting in Norway by speaking to Tanzanian nationals in the country, on Wednesday evening, some of whom are refugees and others immigrants, students, including those married to Norwegians.

According to the Ambassador, the President’s open door policy makes it possible to face the questions fielded by Tanzanians who want to know more about home and the development that President J. Kikwete has achieved within the short time in the office.

For the glamourous president, one who is pragmatic in leadership, such a meeting gives him opportunity to meet party loyalists, thank them for the votes he got and those that do not belong to his political party, in order to make them understand the need for unity as a team and develop the nation together, now that politics of campaign is over.

The meeting between the President and the Tanzanians in Norway was made a private affair in order to discus internal home politics. It was expected that those who want to ask for their rights due to the votes they gave the president during presidential campaign would get time to put direct questions to the President in person.

Speaking to the Ambassador, APN was told of the presidents effort to push forward Tanzania’s development. The Tanzanian leader is very keen in getting results and he knows undertaking foreign trips results in good things for the country.

Ambassador Moses tells APN that the President leaves Norway early morning on Thursday to begin his official visit to Denmark.

African Press in Norway wishes the President well in his visit to Denmark to tighten ties for the benefit of the development of the Tanzanian nation.

By Korir,
Published by African Press in Norway, apn,, tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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