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Gang of thieves on rampage in Oslo’s transport system in Norway

Posted by African Press International on January 30, 2007


“Police in Oslo were warning residents this week to take extra good care of their wallets and purses. They suspect a professional pickpocket gang is operating on the public transport system. The police have fielded nearly 90 reports of thefts just in the past two weeks. “We’ve also had reports that pickpockets have been spotted downtown,” Janne Stømner of the Central Police Station told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Tuesday.

She said there’s been a “marked increase” in pickpocket reports, and that most of the pickpockets’ victims have lost their valuables while using the local tram and bus system.

Police suspect a group of pickpockets from Poland is behind the thefts. One person has been arrested and police have descriptions of other suspects. The arrested suspect is a Polish citizen.

Some bus and tram drivers are warning passengers over on-board public address systems. The transit system itself, Oslo Sporveier, is also cooperating with police in the hopes of hindering more thefts.


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