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Norwegian-led military base in Afghanistan attacked on Tuesday.

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

“Demonstrators in Afghanistan, joining an international wave of Muslim fury over the publication of offensive cartoons, attacked a Norwegian-led military base on Tuesday. Four demonstrators were killed and at least 20 others injured.

Demonstrators in AfghanistanThe demonstrators threw stones and hand grenades at the offices and military camp of the Norwegian-led troops in the town of Maymana, capital of the Faryab province in western Afghanistan. That turned the protest action, which began peacefully, into “a violent episode,” according to an observer.

The 33 Norwegian military personnel on duty at the base were attacked by as many as 300 demonstrators. Five of the Norwegians were injured when they were hit by flying rocks and splinters from the grenades.

The Associated Press reported that the Norwegian soldiers used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators. Two female passersby were reportedly hit by stones and taken to a local hospital.

The attack began in the late morning in Afghanistan. After a few hours, the demonstrators broke through the outside gate of the compound, and made their way into the outer areas of the military compound.

A Norwegian Defense Ministry spokesman said the demonstrators had begun to set fires, and a car inside the military camp was in flames. The soldiers called for backup, and a jet fighter swooped overhead in an effort to frighten the demonstrators.

“This is very dramatic and serious,” Commander Thom Knustad told “This is an attack on a NATO base in Afghanistan.” The base is staffed mostly by about 50 soldiers from Norway and additional troops from Finland.

Flag-burning on Monday:
Norwegian Defense Minister Anne-Grete Strøm Erichsen had said Monday night that she was worried about incidents where the Norwegian flag was burned in Afghanistan, but she stressed that she believed Norwegian soldiers were safe.

The growing anger against Norway in Kabul occurred just as Norway was sending four F-16 fighter jets from a Norwegian base in Bodø to Afghanistan, to strengthen the NATO-led forces in the country.

Strøm-Erichsen acknowledged that the arrival of the jets added to the attention focused on the Norwegian presence in Afghanistan, but she said there were no plans to change any of the assignments for the Norwegian soldiers.

Norway evacuated its embassy in Kabul on Monday night, however, over concerns about the safety of its personnel.”


Lifted story by Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739

source: AftenpostenENG

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A Norwegian transsexual wanted it all!

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

“A transsexual Norwegian wanted two passports, one as a man and one as a woman, but his request was rejected.

The Norwegian, a 63-year-old crime fiction writer, applied to state officials in charge of enforcing sexual equality and anti-discrimination measures. The writer’s current passport only shows him as a man, which isn’t always how he appears as he undergoes treatment.

Both the Ministry of Justice and the state police agency, which issues passports in Norway, contended, though, that current regulations don’t allow issuance of two passports to the same person.

“A basic assumption in the issuance of a passport is that it shall apply to one identity, and that this shall be simple to control,” Magnar Aukrust of the justice ministry told

The 63-year-old, however, claims it’s a “practical problem… which has meant that I have decided against making some trips.”

A letter from Norway’s National Hospital that confirms the Norwegian is under treatment for transsexuality has made it easier for him to travel in Europe. He hesitates, though, to travel outside Europe.”


Lifted story by Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739,

Source: AftenpostenENG

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Immigrants increase in Norway.

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

“Norway has been a popular destination for workers from Poland for years, and now their families are arriving as well. Children from Poland now make up the biggest group in local schools and day care centers.

“When the world changes, we see it here in the classroom,” teacher Vigdis Glømmen at Bekkestua School in the Oslo suburb of Bærum told newspaper Aftenposten.

Pakistani and Somalian children were most prevalent at the school 30 years ago. Now Mikolaj Leksander, age 8, symbolizes the immigrant demographics of today.

Liberalization of European border restrictions and Poland’s membership in the EU have made it much easier for Polish citizens to get work in Norway. A booming economy in Norway means Norway needs the Polish labour, and the Polish workers enjoy much higher pay in Norway than they do back home.

Many families stay behind in Poland when the father, most typically, travels to Norway for months at a time. Now, however, more Polish families are coming along.

Mikolaj has only been in Norway for four months, but already is gaining a grip on the language and enjoys going to school in Bekkestua. “And I like to go skating, along with drawing and mathematics,” Mikolaj said.

The children attend a so-called “transitional” class until their Norwegian proficiency is good enough that they can join a regular class. The number of Polish children in such classes in Oslo was up 40 percent last year, over 2005.

Nearly 2,000 Polish workers applied to bring their families to Norway last year, double the number of applications the year before.”


Lifted story by Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739 Source:AftenpostenENG

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Kibaki to run for a second term as Kenya’s president.

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki

<Mr Kibaki.

The Standard reports that, “President Kibaki has declared he is willing and ready for a second term. The President said he was prepared to continue serving Kenyans as Head of State. The announcement puts to rest months of speculation over his candidature in the coming General Election, whose date he will be the one to announce.”

The president has been quiet and had kept people guessing whether he was ready for the second term.

Now that he has declared his candidature people will now start Even as speculating on which party he will be its flag bearer. While declaring his, “interest in a second term, the President did not say on which party ticket he would be running. But his allies have said the President is with them in Narc-Kenya and is their candidate. Kibaki got the nod from Kenyans in 2002 through the efforts of his current rivals – former minister Mr Raila Odinga, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka and Mr Najib Balala. The group campaigned for him while he was being treated in a London hospital following a road accident along the Nairobi-Machakos junction.”

Standard reports, “Interestingly, as Kibaki was throwing himself in the ring for another term those he had parted ways with two years ago had returned to the same spot where he had an accident, to launch a campaign to remove him from power. Kibaki, who was meeting a delegation of Maasai elders from Narok and Baringo districts at State House, said he is a leader of action who did not believe in rhetoric. He said he should be judged by his actions towards making Kenya a better country for all.”

Kibaki has told the nation, “Since I assumed the leadership of this country, I have been working towards improving the welfare of Kenyans and you can see for yourselves what we have achieved. After one finishes his two terms, he should give room for others because we do not want people to stick to leadership beyond the stipulated period.”

Kibaki took over from Moi on December 30, 2002, “with a promise that the coalition that brought him to power would be an example for Africa on what united people could do, with a shared vision. The Constitution allows the President two terms of five years. Were Kibaki to be re-elected for a second term, he would leave office in 2012.”

While declaring his interest other politicians who spoke at the function were “ministers Gedion Konchella, Prof George Saitoti, Musikari Kombo and Njenga Karume, Assistant Minister Stephen ole Ntutu and Rift Valley PC Noor Hassan Noor, among others.”

Now that politicians like Kombo decided to speak at the function where the president declared interest to run for the second term, speculations will now start as to Kombo’s intentions. He may be trying to be near the president in an effort to be awarded with the vice presidential post if Kibaki wins a second term,

There is also a question of minimum reforms on the constitution that the opposition is pushing for before the coming elections. It is not known whether the government will give in to the pressure.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739,

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Two shot dead by gangsters in Kenya

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

Map showing location of Nairobi, KenyaTwo women have died after being gunned down as the car they sat in was being carjacked in Nairobi.

It is reported that the vehicle belongs to the US embassy.

BBC reports that, “at least one of the women appeared to have been shot for not getting out of the vehicle quickly enough, they said.”

The car was stopped at the outskirts of the city. “The incident took place in Kinoo, some 12 miles (20km) west of the capital. The men were armed with rifles.”

When going to press, “the identities of the women have not been released and the US embassy in Nairobi has not confirmed the incident.”

Kenya police spokesman Gideon Kibunjah is quoted by the media saying, “There was a person who was driving and an elderly lady who took too long to get out of the vehicle and the gangsters shot them and threw them out.”

The two were rushed to the hospital after the incident but were confirmed dead on arrival.

Nairobi has become dangerous because there are many gangsters who have become experts in carjackings. They target tourists and the rich.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel. +47 932 99 739

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A weekend scam or ….?

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

APN received the email below and we feel it is right to publish it and let the readers judge.

We believe it is scam.

We publish it without corrections.


—– Original Message —–

From: rita keita


Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 3:32 PM






Happy newyear

i wish you blessing and prosperity this 2007

please i am in deep sorrow and tears writing to you,please dont hide your ear in listening me

my name is rita keita the first daughter of MISS RITA KEITA , my father joe Keita died last two years and my mother died on 17th of july 2006 in a brief illness and since then things are not the same and we are six in number five girls and one boy, i am the senior one in family, i am 19 years old, since my parent died no one care for us evn to go school we are not going to school again and most problem is that since my parent died my younger ones is always falling sick i will be runing up and down to fined medicine that i will give them so that they will get well and even to eat is a problem only what i do is that me and the one that i senior direct will go into the market begine to look for any person that will look for a helper that will help am carry his or her load we will go and help the person after that the person will give us small money then we take it buy food to eat, please may you have simpathy on us, i dont want to put myself in any bad behavior because sometime i will start to cry and my mind start telling me to go and sleep with men so that they give me money, but after i think and said that i will not do that thing, because my parent did not train me in that way, i plead you in the name of GOD to help us,i dont want to be a harlot, please any little amount that you can afford to give us even if the money will help me start a hawcking trade i will like it, than for me to be a harlot, but if i start hawcking trade any little money gain that come from it i will use it to take care of my younger ones, please may god touch you to help us, am not telling you to give us big money is only small money that i can use to start a small hawcking trade, instead for me to involve myself to be a harlot. Please me and my younger ones is plaeding for your help. thanks am waiting for your reply, may god bless you and your and your family.

yours sincerly;   RITA KEITA


 To our readers: Judge the above. Is it a weekend scam?

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739


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Is it the end of the Jose era?

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

DIDIER DROGBA has become the first Chelsea player to admit the Jose Mourinho era seems to be coming to an end.

The African goal machine has taken a vicious swipe at forces within the club he believes are deliberately undermining the Special One.

He claims team spirit has disappeared and blames perpetual feuding for the dramatic slide in Chelsea’s title defence.

Drogba also warned he would be tempted to follow Mourinho if he quit for another club, claiming the Premiership will be stale and joyless without the charismatic Portuguese.

The striker, 28, said: “We have lacked aggression and determination in the last few games and against Liverpool looked nothing like a team challenging for our Premiership title.

“Perhaps this is the end of the Mourinho era. Over the last few months it is true this Chelsea side has been unrecognisable. I only wish I knew where our team spirit has gone.

“I just cannot understand why Mourinho is being attacked — particularly from within his own club. It’s now obvious to all of us this club is no longer a compact unit.”

Drogba knows his contribution of 50 goals in little more than 100 games gives him some clout within the club — and he is not afraid to use it.

He recently signed a new £100,000-per-week contract taking him to 2010 but is already talking about quitting in protest at the treatment on Mourinho.

The Ivory Coast star said: “I know people are just going to turn around and say I am Mourinho’s pet but I simply don’t care. Jose truly is the Special One and it would be a shame for him not to continue here.
“The truth is that not everyone at this club is pulling in the same direction — and that is immensely dangerous.

“It is clear to the players that our bad results have only one explanation: The poor atmosphere around the club. It’s not rocket science or a big secret.

“As long as everybody is not on the same wavelength, the team will keep on struggling. Speaking personally I simply cannot understand why we have put ourselves in such a difficult situation.

“If people dismiss what I’m saying as keeping in with Mourinho then they are wrong. I know what I owe him and so do men like John Terry and Frank Lampard.

“The gaffer improved us as players and we have to support him now. If he was to leave, it’s not the case that I would just follow him blindly. But this is a man who made me come here, improved me as a player, helped me win trophies and who also extended my contract.

“I wouldn’t simply follow him anywhere but if he left and wanted me then I’d only have to ask myself a few questions.”

Drogba’s outburst is likely to anger Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who is already lining up Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini to replace Mourinho.

But it will steel the resolve of fans, players and staff who support the Blues’ boss. And they remain determined to retain their Premiership title for the boss.

Drogba added: “I know we don’t look or feel sure of ourselves at the moment. But we have to hang on to our belief and our dreams.

“The end of this season can still be wonderful and glorious. Perhaps we are only suffering a bad blip because of the atmosphere in the club.

“It’s clear some people in England don’t like him, but without Mourinho Chelsea simply wouldn’t be where they are now.

“In fact the Premiership also owes him. The boss’ provocative edge has also given a new lease of life to this league.

“Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are fine coaches but they will never be as ‘box-office’ as Jose Mourinho.

“If you are around him everyone has fun — he’s been fresh, new but, above all, talented.”

By Longstory/Cutshort

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739

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Whitaker and Idi Amin

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2007

Whitaker  met Amin’s family and generals for the role

Actor Forest Whitaker has told the BBC about the intense effort he put in to generate his Oscar-nominated performance as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in The Last King Of Scotland.
Forest Whitaker has already won a Golden Globe for his performance in the Last King of Scotland.

It charts the fictional relationship between Amin and a young, excited Scottish doctor, played by James McAvoy.

Whitaker is now odds-on to follow it with the best actor Oscar.

The actor went to the extent of learning Swahili for the role – taking him four months to lose the Ugandan accent after filming ended – as well as watching endless hours of footage of Amin’s speeches.

He also hung around the market in the capital Kampala, meeting people who knew the dictator.

“Everyone had stories,” he told BBC World Service’s On Screen programme.

“Many of the people I met had a dual feeling of him in the first place – some had relatives who had been killed during the regime, but there remained the feeling that he had also done certain great things for the country.

“That reconciliation was something that I needed to understand in order to play the character.”

Jovial and charismatic

Whitaker’s performance has been particularly praised for capturing Amin’s mannerisms and voice so much that he gives an utterly convincing performance despite not actually resembling the dictator very much.

“We don’t really look alike – I’m three shades lighter than him, 40-50lbs lighter than him, my face structure is different,” he said.

The Golden Globes are seen as indicators for the Oscars
“Luckily, I suppose that people felt the spirit of the man came across – and that’s great.”

Indeed, critics have noted at many points in the film, the man whose regime is estimated to have killed 300,000 people appears as pleasant, entertaining company.

“When I looked at the interviews and some of the documentaries that were made about him, I was struck by that ability he had to be jovial, to bring people in, to be charismatic,” Whitaker said.

“That was something I borrowed from the research.”

In fact, the film’s director, Kevin MacDonald, has said that he feared this more jovial side might dominate, and that Whitaker was not “dark-minded” enough to play Amin.

The actor said that had to find “areas of paranoia, fear and, at times, anger” in his performance, and was grateful that MacDonald moved production to Uganda early to give him time to prepare.

Whitaker added he had come to realise some of the difficulties for Amin, with hostile countries around and other leaders trying to kill him, coupled with his confusion of trying to lead the country with his simple soldier background.

“You can understand how some of these things could have occurred,” he added.

Meanwhile, he said that while he was very happy with the talk about a potential Oscar, he did not know what to expect.

“It’s always great when people talk well about your work,” he added.

“You certainly don’t know what will happen after the nominations.

“You just try to live in the positive energy that people seem to be putting out around me and my work – and around this film, because I think that kind of talk helps the film.”

By Longstory/Cutshort

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739

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