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Statistics on viewer development today by 21.55

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

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Today’s viewers statistics as pr time 21.55

By Statistics section, APN

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“Ruto fits the presidential shoes”, but first he must, “move away from the shadow of Raila Odinga”, according to Dr Karanja.

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007


My Photo<Dr. Stephen Kabera Karanja is a lawyer by profession living in Norway. He is reacting to our earlier story on Ruto


Despite his political baggage from the Moi Kanu days, I agree that in the ODM-Kenya presidential race William Ruto is the person to watch.

He is articulate, intelligent, courageous and moderate. The extracts from his political vision “Kenya  for All Kenyans” we are reading in electronic press is both refreshing and inspiring.

I think, among  ODM-Kenya presidential candidates he is more in touch with the problems facing the people and the country. He has also proactive solutions. He is down to earth touching on the daily concerns of the Kenyans.

If Kenyans were to vote on ideas and issues, I think Ruto fits the Presidential shoes. However, I will need to read his vision entirely to come to a more conclusive opinion.

His young age is an advantage if he was the candidate to face off with Kibaki. Of course experience would be a disadvantage but Obama is making waves in America despite lack of experience.

Kenya need an Obama to liven up the dull political arena. Ruto’s diplomatic approach to issues and to his opponents could endear him to the people across  tribal divide.

The young man should be given a chance. Let him fight out in the ODM-K primaries with the aim of winning and not endorsing someone else because he has a good understanding of Kenyan aspirations. He is a good and capable candidate.

The fact he is a Kalenjin, the same ethnic group with Moi, may be a problem for many to accept another Kalenjin president just a short period after Moi.

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki<Mr Kibaki.

But as I say, if the electorate were to look on issues, this should not be a problem. He has only to convince the people that he can do better than Kibaki.

His vision seems to be focused on precisely that. He should therefore vigorously sell it to the people and move away from the shadow of Raila Odinga.

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By Dr Karanja, Oslo

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel. +47 932 99

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Some Ugandans are spying for Museveni government in Norway; says Otimu.

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007


The finger points to Museveni in the death of his ex-energy minister Dr.Lutakome Kayira.

This report is very interesting as there are some people involved, living in Norway whom I know were part and parcel to this brigade.

I have also learnt that some Ugandans in Oslo are becoming so attached to the Uganda senior officers to gain influence.

In return they are spying on fellow Ugandans, and in many cases giving the government lies, in turn to get favours. One person in particular has become wealthy by being in the scheme, and yet pretends things are normal when he is around Ugandans he is spying on.

Others are his targets. And everyone should be watchful. Be care another plot can be you.

By Otimu,

Published by African Press International,, tel. +47 932 99 739


We do not stand responsible for the accusation above, but we feel that everyone has a right to express his or her feelings. We do not support the accusations due to the fact that we do not have the facts, but we release it and the readers will follow up should they be interested in details.

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Sweden: “Thought of the day”, by Clay Onyango!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

Dear Kenyans,
Just a thought of the day! If you are 40 years at the moment, you have at least 20 to 30 more years to live. And if you are 50 years you have at least 20 more years. If you are 60 years most likely 15 years more to live.

And what do I mean by this? I am not playing God,  but I think it is time to respect your wife, husband, family and friends, if you have never said this words, thanks, sorry and I love you, then this is the time.

Repeat this words when you feel it is appropriate to use them as there is no time to waste, and there may be no time to use them at a later date.

Death comes suddenly, and I believe we should leave our next of kins with some good memories, and forgiveness.

I never said thanks to the late James Wuod Maggero for the inspiration, advice and the business I took over, but I am taking this opportunity to thank him, and to say sorry for not having seen him in the hospital during his last days.

I would like to thank all Kenyans in Sweden for the support during our classic wedding, and for any contribution, thanks for supporting my business, and sorry if I have ever offended you.

Special thanks to my dear wife Liz Clay, my family, and the kids. I love you guys…please do the same.

By Clay Onyango, Sweden.

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel. +47 932 99 739

By Editorial:

What a good thing by Mr Clay Onyango to tell others at this time all those who knew Wuod Maggero are mourning him! We in APN do hope the message falls in good ears! Thank you, APN.

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Lakwena, a former Uganda rebel leader reported dead in Kenya!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

The Kenya times has reported that, “The body of deceased former Uganda leader Alice Lakwena is still lying at the Garissa Provincial Hospital mortuary for the second night in north eastern province as authorities there wait for communication from Kampala over a possible autopsy and burial arrangements. Reports said the body might be moved to Nairobi this morning. No autopsy had been performed on the former rebel’s body following her Wednesday death from an unknown cause.”

Lakwena was the head of LRA, the Lords Resistance Army before getting her refugee status in Kenya. After she relinquished her position Kony took over and still leads the movement.

It has been reported that, “Two unidentified visitors or family members visited the hospital yesterday to inspect the body that is draped in jungle uniform and a military cap. Hospital officials did not divulge the visitors’ identities. It was not clear if their identities were verified or if indeed the alleged visitors were refugees or relatives of Lakwena’s. Yesterday evening there was no indication it would be moved or an autopsy performed on the body with the hospital medical superintendent Dr Khadija Abdalla Ahmed saying “we have received no information from the Government or the UNHCR (UN’s refugee agency) at all.”

The spokesperson says, “All that we are doing is to preserve the body. Nothing else.”

Those who last saw Lakwena alive had their own views. “An independent account in Garissa indicated that the police officers who ferried the corpse from Ifo camp, approximately 270 kilometres of bone jarring journey forgot the covering report prepared by UNHCR that normally explains the deceased’s medical history, cause of death and state of the body at death. Paramedics at the morgue with a capacity of only three bodies said Lakwena’s body was in good physical condition by yesterday. Dr Abdalla said the morgue has equipment to preserve corpses for up to six months.”

The Provincial administration representative in the area, “Garissa DC Joseph Imbwaga Kenyan had earlier said authorities in Garissa are in contact with the Kenya Government on the matter. He said “there will be discussions involving us (Kenya), Uganda, the UNHCR and her family before a decision is made about burial and transportation. On Thursday, Dr Abdalla said an autopsy can only be done on request by UNHCR, the Kenya Government or Lakwena’s family. The body was brought there for preservation on Thursday afternoon following her death at Ifo refugee camp where she lived since 1996 after being granted asylum by the UNHCR.”

The woman was not well, the media says, “Reports from Ifo where Lakwena has lived since her transfer from the defunct Thika refugee camp in Central Kenya in 1996 indicate she has been ailing for some time. The Daadab District Officer Dennis Ogolla said on Thursday that “Lakwena has been ailing for some days.” He said she died at her house in Ifo.”

While others who knew her, “said she was paralysed on the left side of her body when she died at 8pm Wednesday surrounded by loyal followers who reported the death to the Government authorities Thursday morning.”

It is a sad end for a then powerful rebel leader. When she was granted asylum in Kenya, she was not allowed to engage in political activities. And she did get a decent life in Kenya.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN, tel +47 932 99 739

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Kenya: Mr Nakuleu tells of William Ruto’s abilities!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

“Why this MP is best bet for opposition in State House race; writes Nakuleu .”

We in APN believe the coming Kenya general election will be the real show of strength by politicians in the ODM-K camp. It is something Kenyans are watching. And Nakulei writes, Ruto is someone to watch! “On the afternoon of December 29, 2002, about 30 senior Government officials and Cabinet ministers, among them Mr William Ruto, were assembled at the Nairobi State House lounge monitoring the election results as they trickled in. Every passing minute showed that Kanu was being trounced and anxiety set in.” 

Moi was a powerful leader and many feared him. “Former President Moi walked into the room and noticing the sombre mood inquired how his party was fairing. No one wanted to say it. Mr Uhuru Kenyatta had lost the presidential vote. Mr Moi asked them to prepare a speech and concede defeat and left the room. One by one, the officials left the room and by the time Mr Kenyatta was delivering his speech at Serena Hotel, only Mr Ruto and two others stood besides him. “It isn’t important who is ahead at any one time or another in either an election or horse race. It is the horse that comes in first at the finish line that counts.’’ These abiding words by Harry Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, can as well describe the trodden path in Mr Ruto’s political career.” 

Nakulei writes, “Early this week, he literally thumbed his nose against the Steadman’s scorecard by unveiling an exciting presidential blueprint at the historic Bomas of Kenya. Certainly, this move must have come as a surprise for those who had written him off thanks to Steadman’s constant rating of his popularity. Yet for those who have keenly followed his impressive contribution to our national politics, Mr Ruto deserves the platform on which he stands today.” 

It was not before 1997 that he decided he wanted to lead, but many had their doubts about his ability. “When in 1997, he announced his intention to vie for the Eldoret North parliamentary seat, political pundits dismissed him without a mention. Here was a young man who had just crossed the 30-year-old mark and was dreaming of unseating veterans like Mr William Saina and Mr Reuben Chesire whose hold on the politics of the area had consigned every potential opponent into oblivion. To complicate matters for him, he did not enjoy the tacit approval of President Moi, whose endorsement at the time determined the voting patterns and eventual triumph of any candidate. Mr Ruto was also faced with the daunting task of overcoming the perception that he could not lead simply because of his humble background. Indeed when the print media did a review of the individual chances for each contestant, the then sitting MP was accorded half a page, a former MP was accorded a full column, a DO and college administrator were accorded a number of paragraphs. Mr Ruto and others got a line that said “others in the race are ? Needless to say, it was Mr Ruto’s horse that came in first at the finish line! Mr Ruto’s election as Member of Parliament was therefore against the grain and in spite of Mr Moi.” 

When he landed in parliament, it was not long before he was noticed. The man knew why he was in parliament. “Once in Parliament, Mr Ruto was one of three Kanu backbenchers who maintained a robust engagement with the establishment on issues they felt were not being done fairly. In Parliament and in Kanu Parliamentary Group meetings chaired by the former President, Ruto’s dissenting voice was the constant refrain. As a consequence, he was shunned by Moi’s inner court and he would invariably find himself in the company of opposition MPs attending rallies and other forums in which they provided alternative views on the propriety of Government. During one such rally at Sabwani in Trans Nzoia District, Mr Ruto was attacked together with Mr Mwai Kibaki, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi and other opposition MPs by government supporters. His resilience and clarity of purpose soon earned him an appointment as an assistant minister. He served in this position for two and a half years before being appointed Minister for Home Affairs just three months to the 2002 General Election.” 

Re-election of MPs in his constituency was unheard of and yet, “in the run-up to the 2002 General Election, Mr Ruto sought to be re-elected as the MP for Eldoret North and if history was anything to go by he stood no chance. No one had ever been re-elected for a second consecutive term in the constituency. One newspaper columnist asked aloud: ‘‘Will Ruto overcome the jinx?’’ This is not to mention the fact that the Rainbow wave was setting the country ablaze. Once again Mr Ruto beat the odds and bagged the Eldoret North seat. But Kanu had lost to NARC, an eventuality that many in the former ruling party were not prepared for. Arising from the ruins of a lost election, Kanu as a party was in disarray. It was almost anathema to belong to the party. The government quickly moved in and confiscated the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) from the party. A number of senior government officials and parastatal chiefs associated with the Moi Government were sacked and most of them were arraigned in court on alleged corruption charges.” 

Representing a party that had lost the election was not easy for Ruto. “At once, the once strong party was crumbling as its senior members either wormed themselves into the new government or simply disappeared from the scene. In the case of Rift Valley, the year 2003 was particularly difficult. Rudderless and in the opposition for the first time in the history of our country, coupled with government sanctioned evictions and a general feeling of despondency, Mr Ruto’s courage and audacity were timely.”

Luckily, “he had quickly re-adjusted to his new role as an opposition MP. He was undeterred by the constant taunts and jeers from the government side. Whenever it was convenient to say something bad about Kanu he was the ultimate target. The position he took with regard to the Constitutional review process put him at loggerheads with powerful elite in government and he was soon to pay for it. Threats of prosecution and enticement of appointment to government became constant invitations.”

To be a strong politician in any party, it is wise to be in the committees and if opportunity is there, joining the highest organ, the party secretariat is the best way. “Ruto’s election as Kanu secretary general was against the odds. But he fought for it. The leadership he showed during the referendum endeared him to many. Yet when on January 15, 2005 he announced that he would seek the country’s presidency Mr Moi came out with all guns blazing against his candidature. Many thought he was crazy to dare the former President but Mr Ruto took the challenge. Today, he holds sway not just in Rift Valley but across the country. Certain issues have been raised about his capability as a leader. They say he was in Youth for Kanu 92, is corrupt, wealthy and that he is the evil in Kanu. I have had occasion to hear him respond specifically to these concerns. It is a fact and he readily admits that he was in YK92, with the likes of Mr Cyrus Jirongo, Mr Jim Choge and others. He maintains that he joined YK 92 as he believed that they had a good vision and plans for the welfare of Kenyans, which had not been properly communicated to the country.” 

Ruto has exercised patriotism. “He believed that with his team of youthful patriotic Kenyans they would persuade the people that if Kanu was given a chance to lead and on the terms of its manifesto, that Kenyans would enjoy prosperity, development, justice and fulfilment. With regard to corruption, Mr Ruto insists that he is innocent and the rules of natural justice demand that any allegation should be proved in a court of law. Was he guilty of anything? In further demonstration of his innocence he says his endowments and assets ‘‘are modest and meagre. His wealth includes a house in Nairobi bought through Housing Finance Company of Kenya (HFCK), a house in Eldoret bought with help of Parliamentary loan, a 90 acre parcel in Eldoret, and a few shares in a some companies. He denies that he epitomises, or is the face of any past misdeeds of Kanu and points out that all persons occupying offices of consequence in and outside Government were in Kanu more substantially than him in the past. They include the President and all other persons seeking significant public office. If anybody is supposed to answer anything on behalf Kanu he would be the least qualified to answer. His role as ODM spokesman and as chairman of Parliamentary Constitutional review committee were a further acknowledgement of his leadership qualities.” 

CDF, the constituency fund has been misused in some areas, but look at Ruto’s record. “It is because of his able leadership that last year Eldoret North was ranked the best constituency in the management of Constituency Development Fund. He proposes to Marshall all those insights and experience to give Kenyans good leadership which he pledges to do with zeal and single minded dedication. I strongly believe that Mr Ruto’s best days are still to come.”

Mr Nakuleu is Kanu chairman Turkana North and member of EA Legislative Assembly.”


By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,

Tel +47 932 99 739

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The run-away self-exiled John Githongo now pointing a finger at President Kibaki!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007


John Githongo<Mr Githongo

Does he look desperate and angry?This must be in total desperation angered by the fact that his so-called dossier has been shelved to start collecting dust in the law office archives. He also knows that he probably will never get a job in any important body in Kenya. People he taped has friends and money to jeopardise his position now that they will not be send to jail. Dr Murungaru, Mwiraria, and the others must be feasting now in total victory, while the corruption whistle blower has to stay in the cold weather in Britain now that it is cold winter! What is the use now telling president Kibaki that he is hot on his, “heels and Kenyans will soon know the truth on Anglo Leasing contracts, self-exiled former Ethics and Governance PS John Githongo has warned President Kibaki and his ministers. “Now and again the odd fool will tell me that I have done the Gikuyu community a great disservice … my employment contract did not say Gikuyu Inc. at the top.”

If there was any truth at all as he now claims, why has he kept it from the Kenyan people for so long? What we know is that he wanted to keep some information behind so that he does not run out of what to tell his audience in the west!

Complaining further he is quoted saying, “I was employed by the Kenyan people.’’ On the crosshairs is President Kibaki whose Vice-President Moody Awori, Energy minister Mr Kiraitu Murungi, and former Finance minister Mr David Mwiraria, who he repeats knew too much on how 18 sleazy tenders and contracts worth Sh50 billion, were spurned. The promise to personally unmask those involved in economic crimes in which the Government signed contracts with and paid out monies to shadowy non-existent backstreet companies, came after the revealing staccato paragraph with resonating questions: “It is indisputable that on September 8, 2003, the Vice-President approved the passport deal. On October 2, 2003 then Minister for Finance Mwiraria did the same. The Attorney General approved both contracts, and now purports to close the files on the cover-up. When are they, and their appointing authority, the President, going to take personal responsibility for approving a contract with a non-existent company? When are they going to be made personally responsible?”

Why is Githongo jittery? What does he want? To force Kibaki out? “He maintained the President, in whose name he got onto the tracks of the Anglo Leasing phantoms, was in the picture of what he was doing in relation to Anglo Leasing at every stage. “That I am not an investigator does not wipe away the fact that billions of shillings of taxpayers’ money was literally given away by senior Government officials, including the Minister for Finance and the Vice- President of Kenya.”

It is reported that adding to his frustration is bitterness to have the west believe him and he sums up, “The fact remains that KACC seems totally unconcerned about this. The fact still remains that President Kibaki has done nothing to end this charade, which I informed him about more than two years ago.”

Githongo wanted to see the ministers he had accused dragged to the courts. “His was a stinging criticism of last Monday’s decision by the Attorney-General Mr Amos Wako to close the investigation file on his claims against top Government officials, particularly Energy minister Kiraitu Murungi, that they were engaged in an unrelenting spree to cover up what has turned out to be the sleaziest crime in the Kibaki administration.”

Now he knows he has lost the battle. The problem is the fact that he does not want to read between the lines and leave Kibaki alone. The other difficult problem for Githongo is how to continue justifying his selv-exile which is paid for by the British.

If he cannot get anyone prosecuted, and it now seems it is not possible for him to succeed in his crusade now that the Attorney General has closed the file, he may soon be facing problems with his refugee status in the UK.

He should know that Kibaki might retain the presidency, so he has to be prepared for another 5 years in self-exile. He has said earlier that his life is in danger. It will not be better now that he has sworn he is on his heels chasing Kibaki.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 739,

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Mrs Clinton declares her candidacy for US Presidency!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton

<Mrs Clinton

Now it has happened. Maybe we are now in this century getting the first woman president in the White House. This will enable Clinton to move back to the place he feels comfortable to be, – the White House, but this time as her junior, and the first husband in the country as they say, and this time around not with Lewinsky!

BBC reports that, “Sen Clinton, 59, wife of former president Bill, announced her move on her website, saying “I’m in to win”. The former First Lady has set up a presidential exploratory committee, testing the waters for a full bid.” 

Barack Obama at an event honouring Martin Luther King Jr in Jan 2007

<Mr Obama

There are other democrats eyeing for the seat and her, “announcement comes days after African-American Democratic Senator Barack Obama said he had formed an exploratory committee.”

It now remains to be seen how they will battle it out. If Senator Obama insists to fight it out, fearing no assasination, being a black man and a possible target, maybe the two can strike a deal, making Mrs Clinton run for the presidency, and Obama for the vice presidency.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739

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The US wants the Somali interim government to reach out and have talks with the Islamists!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

BBC reports that Somalia’s transitional government is being urged by the US ambassador to Kenya to hold talks with the country’s Islamist Movement who were recently pushed out of the capital Mogadishu.

The US through their man in Kenya, “Michael Ranneberger told the BBC that the government needed to engage with all elements of Somali society. Government troops backed by Ethiopian soldiers ousted the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) from power late last year.”

It has been reported that their are skirmishes in and around Mogadishu. “On Saturday four people thought to be civilians died in a crossfire as gunmen attacked an Ethiopian military convoy. The incident, in the south of Mogadishu, followed an attack on the presidential palace late on Friday, which prompted many residents to flee.”

The reaching out principle being encouraged by the US may be the best way to go in order to avoid further blood-shed. “The US has been among those accusing the Islamic courts of harbouring al-Qaeda suspects, claims the UIC’s leaders deny. But Mr Ranneberger told the BBC that among extremists there were moderate elements who should be included in dialogue.”

It is true that not all Islamists can be ruled out. There are those who really love their country and want to see peace and a working government. 

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, Tel +47 932 99 739

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Death sentencing to be scraped in Rwanda

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

A survivor prays at a mass graveThe Rwandese cabinet has now voted to abolish the death penalty. The Justice Minister Tharcisse Karugarama is quoted as saying.

BBC  reports that, “he said if the legislation is approved by parliament, those on death-row would instead serve life in prison. The change would enable countries which arrest genocide suspects but which object to capital punishment to extradite them to Rwanda.”

Many suffered during the genocide. Many families lost their loved ones. “Some 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu moderates were slaughtered during the country’s 100-day genocide in 1994. Most of the high-profile genocide cases have been tried at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Tanzania.”

In the UK there are four Rwandese already arrested and are expected to be deported to Tanzania where they will answer the charges that took place during the genocide of 1994. “Since 1997 the tribunal has convicted 29 ringleaders of the genocide and acquitted five people, according to its website.”

There are many countries in the west harbouring some of those who were involved in the crimes. The Rwandese president Paul Kagame, has appealed to many countries, Norway included to arrest the listed Rwandese and deport them to face charges.


Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel 932 99 739,

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Norway and smoking rules!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007


The country took the first step to ban smoking inside in places in 1988. Means of public transport was also affected. However, “if certain conditions are fulfilled, physically separated smoking areas may be provided.”

Strict measures were later enforced and “since 1 June 2004 all smoking has been banned in all establishments that serve food or drinks for consumption, such as restaurants, cafés, discos, bars and pubs. The above mentioned possibility of providing physically separated smoking areas does not apply to restaurants, bars, etc.”

This has been very good for non-smokers. Those who like to smoke were furious in the beginning, but interestingly, they have accepted the move and they adhere to the rules in most cases. “The legislation on smoke-free areas is enforced by the municipalities. Inspections of the working environment are conducted by the Labour Inspection Authority.”

If people start smoking in restaurants, it is the responsibility of the owner of the business to show such people the door.

The owners risk prosecution if they do not take action.


By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN, tel +47 932 99 739

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Torhild Sivertsen won the Norwegian Grand Prix – heading now for Euro-vision contest!

Posted by African Press International on January 21, 2007

Torhild Sivertsen and The Funky Family won the Norwegian Melody Grand Prix final which was held yesterday.Sivertsen was flanked by brothers Taiwo, and Kehinde Karlsen, or better known as The Funky Family.

Their song “Love on the Dance-floor, written by the two brothers will now represent Norway at the Euro-vision contest later this year.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN, tel +47 932 99 739 source.(ANB-NTB)

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