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Statistics on viewer development today by 23.59

Posted by African Press International on January 20, 2007

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Today’s viewers statistics as pr time 23.59

By Statistics section, APN

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African Press in Norway to launch “Yearly Cultural Understanding Award!”

Posted by African Press International on January 20, 2007


African Press in Norway, will soon launch what it will be called “APN Yearly Cultural Understanding Award” that will be given out yearly on 1st April to:

A person, or persons, who will have championed the course for successful cultural understanding, between cultures in Norway within the past year.

A person, or persons, who will have championed the course for better understanding, between ethnic Norwegians, and immigrants living in Norway within the past year.

A person, or persons, who will have championed the course for better living standards for the African community in Norway, either through guidance, or aiding them to succeed in the following sectors: education, work, business and stability at home within the past year.


All interested persons have the right to nominate candidates, and send names to APN every year. The names of proposed winner, or winners, should reach APN not later than the 10th of March yearly. The proposed name, or names, must be accompanied by a short statement as to why the person is, or persons are, being nominated for the prize.

The grand party, and the award presentation ceremony, takes place in the evening of the 1st of April every year.

Nominated candidates for the award, will be invited to a party where the winner, or winners, will be announced, and given the prize or prizes.

APN will work closely with companies, and the public sector in organising the party, and in getting the prize, or prizes to be awarded to the winner or winners.

The purpose of the prize is to encourage people to use their time, and be supportive in promoting cultural understanding in the Norwegian society, whereby all residents in the country may have a meaningful life at last.

Those interested, may start forwarding their candidates – those they think have done good work last year 2006.

Use the email below. We look forward to hear from you by way of comment here below or by email.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,

Tel +47 932 99 739

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A five party deal struck!

Posted by African Press International on January 20, 2007

The ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway  reports that, “on 18 January 2007, the EU, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Russia concluded an agreement on the management of the Norwegian spring-spawning herring fish stock. Norway has been allocated 61% of the total allowable catch (TAC) for the herring stock, which gives Norway a quota of 780 800 tonnes for 2007.”

This is a success story for the Norwegians because, “the Norwegian spring-spawning herring stock is the largest fish stock in the North Atlantic. With the new five-party agreement, catches of all the main fish stocks in Norwegian waters are now regulated. The new allocation formula gives Norway the largest share of the TAC it has been awarded since the five-party management regime for Norwegian spring-spawning herring was introduced in 1996,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.”

Management of resources has been of great importance for Norway and the country, “has primarily been concerned about putting in place a sound, sustainable regime for managing this important resource. Norway has played a leading and responsible role in this work,” said Mr Støre.”

This step is of benefit to all the signatories due to the fact that, “the five-party agreement that has now been concluded is a new step forward in cooperation on the management of fish stocks in the North-East Atlantic. This cooperation also involves efforts to combat illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing (IUU fishing). The new agreement is an important tool in these efforts and shows what can be achieved when coastal states are willing to enter into binding cooperation on a sustainable management regime that takes account of the economic interests of all parties concerned.”

Regulating the fishing industry is very important to all the five involved, because some of the countries in the region, has experienced that some fishermen from other countries sneak in to the waters where they are not allowed to do fishing.


By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,

Tel +47 932 99 739

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Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store in Afghanistan!

Posted by African Press International on January 20, 2007

The Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs reports on a successful visit to Afghanistan. “During his visit to the Norwegian Provincial Protection Team (PRT) in Maymana this week, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was briefed by the Norwegian military medical officer on the situation of a 10-year-old girl, Naroz Gulandeer, who is suffering from life-threatening burns.”

Treatment in her country is below the minimum due to shortage of hospital equipments. “Naroz has been treated at the provincial hospital in Maymana, where a Norwegian medical team has assisted local medical personnel. However, her burns are so severe that special treatment is required to save her life. Such treatment is not available in Afghanistan, and a Norwegian hospital has offered to treat Naroz in Norway.”

While in the country and after being briefed about the girl’s agony the minister decided to become a good Samaritan. “Foreign Minister Store has spoken with Naroz’ family and offered bring her to Norway for treatment at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen. The family has accepted the offer, and Naroz and her father are on their way to Norway today on board Foreign Minister Støre’s plane. The patient will be accompanied by a medical team from the Norwegian Defence Force. The plane will leave Kabul Friday afternoon (13:00 CET) and fly directly to Bergen, where the girl will be taken to Haukeland Hospital.”  

According to the information from the foreign affairs, “Norway will collaborate with the International Red Cross on funding a project to deal with the general problem of burns in Afghanistan, which in particular affects women and children. The project will put emphasis on prevention and capacity-building.” 

Speaking to reporters the minister was quoted saying, “I wish to express solidarity with Afghanistan. By helping Naroz, we wish to focus on and gain support for an international programme headed by the WHO aimed at reducing deaths and injuries from burns, which is a particular problem in developing countries.”

However, not every suffering girls like her gets to meet foreign ministers who offer them help. This must be seen as an exceptional happening.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,

Tel +47 932 99 739

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Norway: Seven end up in hospital after a trailer collides with two cars!

Posted by African Press International on January 20, 2007

Seven people are reported taken to hospital after many cars collided near Sarpsborg  road E6 at Hjemungen.

The road was immediately closed to avoid more accidents.

 According to Østfold police district, none of the seven who were involved in the accident were badly hurt.

The accident took place when a trailer hit two vehicles.

It is not clear when the road will be open for traffic again.

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,

Tel. +47 932 99 739


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KAAC closes Githongo dossier, and clears Kenyan leaders on corruption charges!

Posted by African Press International on January 20, 2007

Accusing powerful people normally does not go down well. When those accused have friends in the government they are, in many cases, protected even when it is clear there was wrong-doing on their part.

In this case, there was massive accusations that shattered lives of many leaders, accusations brought about by one man, John Githongo, who many now believe was working for the west that was interested to sabotage president Mwai Kibaki’s government.

It was largely the UK that was interested in destroying the political lives of some top Kenyan politicians. The then UK High Commissioner Clay was the engineer of the whole thing.

It is believed that he aided Githongo to seek self exile in Britain, and used him behind the scenes to make credible, accusations labeled against Kenyan ministers, who were not supportive of the UK policies on trade links with Kenya, policies that favoured the British businesses in Kenya.

The Standard has reported that, “Vice-President Moody Awori, Energy minister Mr Kiraitu Murungi and ex-Finance minister Mr David Mwiraria can now sleep blissfully following their clearance from any Anglo Leasing-related crimes.”

The Vice President refused to resign when her was accused. “Like in the case of Kiraitu who also stepped aside to pave way for investigation on alleged role in attempted cover-up, the clearance could herald Mwiraria’s return to the Cabinet. There is in fact a vacancy in the Cabinet.”

The former Permanent Secretary accused many Kenyan leaders for corruption. “The investigating agent, triggered into action by claims by runaway former Ethics and Governance PS Mr John Githongo, gave them a clean bill of health, but mostly on technicalities.”

The government never took Githongo’s allegation’s seriously. “There was also the sensational explanation by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Director, Justice Aaron Ringera — who Githongo claimed had warned him he may be killed — that the former PS’ audio tape on Kiraitu was “largely unintelligible.’’

John Githongo<Mr Githongo

 The sad man today who feels unhappy that the men he accused are now cleared is Githongo. Closing the file means he is seen as untrustworthy by the investigating body. “KACC also shoved the file No. KACC/FI/INQ38/2006 to the shelves of the closed dossiers, never to be pursued, with the explanation Mr Githongo “was not an investigator.’’

The case is now over and the leaders can go about their business and prepare to actively build up their lives which has been shattered by the allegations. “The investigations did not therefore establish commission of any offence,’’ said Attorney General Amos Wako on the trio and the Sh12.7 billion Anglo Leasing twin tender scandals. Wako closed the files on Monday.”

Mr Wako received the file from KAAC on the 6th of November recommending closure of the case.

The AG accepted the recommendations on January the 15th.

Accusing Githongo, “The anti-corruption chief also claims that Githongo refused to write a statement for purposes of prosecution. Technically, the statements clear Awori, Mwiraria, Kiraitu and another ex-minister, Dr Chris Murungaru, who however has a different case in court.”

It was not expected that the government would believe Githongo. Now he risks to be sued by the leaders he had accused of corruption because he put their reputation at stake.


By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,

tel. +47 932 99 739 .bbc

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Illegal immigrants catwalk!

Posted by African Press International on January 20, 2007

A Senegalese illegal immigrant models clothes for Antonio Miro in Barcelona<One of the immigrants on the cat

A designer surprised his audience in Spain by using illegal immigrants as fashion cat walkers in Barcelona show.

BBC reports that, “Antonio Miro’s show also featured a battered boat similar to the ones that transport thousands of poverty-stricken Africans to Spanish shores each year. Mr Miro, who has featured prisoners in past shows, said he wanted to draw attention to the migrants’ plight.”

This is a very good example and noble message to send out to nations refusing to treat immigrants respectfully and enabling them to get real jobs. 

Antonio Miro (2R) poses with Senegalese illegal immigrants used as models in his catwalk show

<Mr Miro waving in the boat as a sign of solidarity with the immigrants escaping to Spain by boat.


It is a known fact that, “at least half of almost 30,000 illegal arrivals in Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa, in 2006 were Senegalese.”

The man behind the action to draw attention to the plight of illegal immigrants, “Mr Miro defended his initiative, saying that he wanted to show solidarity toward immigrants. He said some of the eight immigrants used in the catwalk show had started the process of obtaining Spanish work permits, while the others were in the country illegally.”

He describes his action by saying, “It’s a way of giving them a tiny bit of me,” Mr Miro said, adding that they were paid a small fee.”  

By Korir,

Published by African Press in Norway, APN,

tel. +47 932 99 739

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