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Norway: A psychologically disturbed man arrested by the police.

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

The Norwegian police in Nedre Eiker, Buskerud region outside Oslo ,arrested a psychologically disturbed man who had escaped with his 3 year-old daughter Sunday morning.

The man who is in his 30’s left his home in Mjøndalen on Friday night at around 01.00 hours. Before doing so, he had threatened the child’s mother. 

Armed police organised a search for the man and his daughter.

The police spokesman in the case, Jon Onshus in Northern Buskerud Police District, has told the media that the man is having psychological problems, and that they feared for the child’s safety. He says the situation the man put he police in was a very uncomfortable one, because a child was involved in the drama.

During the arrest, the man did not resist. He was found in Nedre Eiker village at 11.30 on Sunday. He is now charged with threatening the child’s mother. The child was is good health.

The episode is due to a conflict between the psychologically disturbed child’s father, and the child’s mother, says Knut H. Austad in Søndre Buskerud Police District to the media.

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN


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Norway worried by influx of prostitutes from Bulgaria!

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

Norway is not EU member, but is tied up by the agreements with the EU through economic trade agreement.

The agreement allows all EU citizens to enter Norway if they so wish. They can also take up employment in the country.

Bulgaria, former eastern block country, has now joined the EU from today. Her citizens can travel to Norway without any problems.

Bulgarian prostitutes are already in Norway, but in small numbers, because they were restricted. Now that they are EU citizens, they have the right to be in Norway, and it is reported that many will arrive in the next few days.

Having many prostitutes in Norway will make it easy for male customers, because the prices to have sex with them will drop drastically, and they will have plenty of choices.

Nigerian prostitutes living in EU countries ruled the market in the main streets of Oslo. Now they have to share the areas with money hungry tough east European prostitutes.

When the Nigerians arrived, the coward Norwegian prostitutes were driven out of the centre stage, the main streets, but east European women are big headed just like the Nigerian women and it will be interesting to see how they will battle it out.

The problem with prostitution in Norway is the fact that it is the Norwegian men promoting it. Norway complains of influx of immigrant prostitutes into the country, and yet they are the ones who buy the sex from them.

They pretend to be moral but they are the ones you see rushing into Oslo streets and bars looking for the prostitutes they call exotic. When they are asked why they do so, they answer that they want to help them.

The truth is that they want to help themselves and enjoy other sex styles from other countries.

The politicians should do something with prostitution like in Sweden. Action will reduce the spread of HIV and Aids.

Many Norwegians APN has spoken to confirm that many women prostitutes do not mind sex without condom if paid a little more. The Norwegian man we spoke to says he is afraid of Aids but that he loves to feel skin to skin exotica!

This is a danger to the society. We will bring an interview to with the man to our readers in our next article on prostitution.

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN 

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Norway: A young man stomach knifed in Oslo!

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

A young man was knifed in Kjelsås, Oslo on Saturday evening, one day before the new year. The police have not arrested anyone in the case.

The victim was transported to Ullevål university hospital with knife cuts and is badly wounded in the stomach.

Before he was taken to the main hospital, he had managed to get himself alone to the emergency outpatient ward in town says police spokesman in the case Kjetil Kroken at Oslo Police District.

The police were alerted about the incident at 20.05 on Saturday by the emergency ward.

The police are looking for a 17 year old. His name is known to the police. So far, the police have not been told of the reason that caused the incident.

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN


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Norway: President Kibaki of Kenya to call for summit on Somalia crisis, reports Norwegian Television!

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki <Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki is reported planning a summit on the Somali crisis after secret negotiations that was held in Nairobi between the waring factions failed.

This is a good step in the right direction in order to end the conflict.

The interim Somali government is now in control of the capital Mogadishu, after being helped by the Ethiopians.

The problem is that the Islamic fighters, although defeated for now, having not surrended might decide to come back in a different form, like bombings, and kidnappings that will force the government to negotiate.

If this happens, the people of Somalia will continue suffering.

Therefore, Kibaki’s initiative should be backed by all peace loving nations, and given the support needed to hold the summit as soon as possible.

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN


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Norway: Woman raped in Oslo on New year’s eve, ending the year in agony!

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

A woman was raped in Oslo Sunday morning, while another one escaped rape when the man attempted to rape her. It is suspected that the rapist is one and the same man.

The two women have given the police the man’s description. The police says that the man is not ethnic Norwegian. It is reported that he was wearing a long black coat and a hat.

The case spokesman, Kjell Hjulstad in Oslo Police District says the man’s description is so special that they suspect it is one man involved.

The attempted rape took place outside, near Schweigaards gate at around 03.30 (early Sunday morning.) The victim is in her 20’s.

The rape of the other woman took place indoors at Motzfeldts gate, an hour later. The man is said to be around 170 centimeters tall, and around 25-30 years in age.

It is an ugly rape and we look at it seriously, the police spokesman is reported saying.

The police crime technicians are working on the case. After meeting the victims, the police aided them to go to the hospital emergency ward for check up, and to recovery of physical evidence.

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN


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Did not focus on Africa, lost in politics: Gerhard Schroeder in limelight due to his book!

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder

<Gerhard Schroeder, keeping the popularity warm. May be he is planning political come-back! You never with politicians.

He lost to Mrs Angela Merkel (right below>) in politics as German Chancellor Angela Merkel chancellor of Germany in 2005 elections, but has not lost popularity as yet, especially after releasing his book. Mrs Merkel becomes Europe’s iron lady on the political stage. She has promised to focus on Africa, unlike the man she defeated.

But for a man who likes centre stage life was not easy. He had to find something to do, and yes, he found something to occupy himself with: He wrote his memoirs that brought him back in the limelight in October last year.

It is reported that he admits writing helped him recover from political defeat, a defeat that saw the first woman in German become chancellor.

While addressing those who attended the launching of his book he told them that, “The first months were not easy”, adding that he realised he, “needed to come to terms with the new situation and find something reasonable to occupy”, himself with now that his political life was no more.

The book he has written titled, “Decisions – My Life in Politics, focuses on Mr Schroeder’s seven years in power.”

He is still popular but for how long?. 

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN

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German chancellor Merkel to focus on Africa!

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

Angela Merkel <Mrs Angela Merkel, the first woman chancellor. 

The German chancellor takes over the revolving EU presidency as new nation join in. She also becomes Chairperson of the powerful G8 Summit from today.

The good news she is bring with her is that, she is promising to fight for more assistance for Africa. This is very good news for African countries struggling with debts and poverty.

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder Since taking over in 2005 as the chancellor in  her country from Gerhard Schroeder (right>), she has had impact in many countries by talking tough to other world leaders.

She has met with the US President George Bush, Mr Putin of Russia, Chinese leaders, the Pope and many others.

It now remains to be seen whether she will manage to convince the rich nations to support her idea on Africa.

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN 

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Raila’s Life may be in danger after Assistant Minister Mwenje’s warning!

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

It is easy to ignore warnings. Let us not forget that in every country there are killers who can easily be bought to do a job.

Politically, many would support Assistant Minister David Mwenje if he says Raila may not be able to get enough votes to get re-elected to parliament in Langata constituency.

But when Mwenje, who is a government minister says Raila will not see parliament, we doubt he is talking about the use of a peaceful means.

The problem now is what the Mwenje plan is all about. Not long ago, Raila talked about his life under threat. Could Mwenje be having inside information on what will happen to Raila?

We all know that Nairobi politics is hot and if a group of people wants someone out of the way, it is a matter of eliminating the person and say it was robbery.

Why we have this opinion is because Mwenje knows if Raila was not to be elected, his friends might nominate him to parliament, although a nominated MP is not considered powerful compared to one in parliament due to popular vote.

So why does Mwenje say Raila will not see parliament? He knows there is an opportunity to be nominated if not elected! That is why we think it is a threat directed against Raila and his life. And he should be provided with security.

We must not forget what happened to then Dagoreti member of parliament Muthiora who was poisoned. He died leaving the seat vacant.

Is it possible that Mwenje is thinking along those lines, or he just means stopping Raila through the ballot and not murder? Here, anything is possible because he has not given a reasonable explanation. We read of Prof Mbai whose life was wasted.

Is it safer for Raila to stand in Bondo? Raila is a strategist and should start weighing things carefully. There is no need to fight for a seat in Langata where he is not born and risk his life.

“NARC Kenya has declared total war on the Orange Democratic Party (ODM)-Kenya ahead of the next General Election. The party officials led by its chairman Mukhisa Kituyi said they will start their massive campaign at the start of next year alongside massive party recruitment countrywide and ensure the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki in next year’s polls.”

One minister, Chirau Ali Mwakwere setting the political ball in swing has declared Coast region as a no go zone to the ODM Kenya luminaries. He is accusing them of maligning other leaders and he warns them not to step in the region.

This does seem to be empty words. He says he will make sure that ODM-K leaders do not step in the coast, “to sell their propaganda saying they were responsible for the countries ailing economy during the Nyayo era.”

But the serious threat is that of Embakasi MP David Mwenje’s who has picked on one name and not ODM-K as a party. He wants Raila stopped. This is a threat not to be ignored. This may not be empty threat. He has directed his wrath against Raila warning him to dare to stand as a candidate in Nairobi.

He confirms that there is a strategy on Raila Odinga. Our hope is that Raila should not start saying he will not be cowed! He had better taken Mwenje’s threat seriously.

Money will be poured in Langata and the majority will vote for a candidate that the government will support, if we are to go by Mwenje’s thinking, but also the elimination by way of a car accident that will finish Raila, may be an option Mwenje is trying to tell the voters.

If that is not what Mwenje is trying to say, then he had better elaborate sooner rather than later!

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN

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Congo: Kabila rewards Palu party of Gizenga

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2007

Joseph Kabila swears his oath of office in Kinshasa, 6 December<Joseph Kabila, DRC president

 He became president after his father’s assassination in 2001 and won re-election recently. He has now appointed a prime minister, a man who came third in the presidential elections.

“The nomination of Antoine Gizenga, 81, leader of the Unified Lumumbist Party (Palu), was widely expected as it had figured in electoral accords. Mr Gizenga must now nominate ministers to form a government, a statement said.”

The young “Kabila is DR Congo’s first freely elected leader in 40 years having won October’s run-off presidential poll. The 35-year-old took power in 2001 after his father was assassinated.”

BBC reports that the newly appointed premier, “Mr Gizenga, who came third in the first round of the presidential election in July, signed an agreement with Mr Kabila ahead of the run-off, promising his support reportedly in exchange for the post of prime minister.”

He is extremely pleased to have been offered the post.

It has been reported that the new prime minister has been active in Congolese politics for many years.

The media reports that his support is large and “concentrated in Bandundu province and Kinshasa, where Joseph Kabila is weaker.”

His party managed to get 35 seats in the new parliament, a parliament that has a total of out 500 parliamentarians.

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN

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