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Kenyan woman strangled to death in the UK!

Posted by African Press International on December 30, 2006

It has been reported that, “a Kenyan woman was strangled to death at their home in the UK last week. According to British media reports, Mrs Eunice Wambui Balcombe, was found dead at her house on Stratton road, Pewsey on Thursday. Her husband has since been charged in court for her death and remanded in custody.”

The woman, who is 43 years old, “was born in Redhill, Limuru  and moved to the UK in 1997. She leaves behind three children aged 14, eight and five years. Wiltshire police  investigating  the murder. An independent body called the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPPC) is monitoring the investigations.”

The Commission has the power to to monitor investigations of this kind to avoid partiality by the police investigators.

The Nation reports that, “officers had visited Mrs Balcombe’s home the day before her death. “Due to the close proximity of contact with the police prior to this incident occurring, the IPCC has been informed,” a Wiltshire Police spokesman was quoted in a website run by Kenyans living in the UK.”

Those close to the murdered woman, “are struggling to come to terms with the death. She had been married to her husband for nine years. A UK newspaper quoted her eldest daughter Mumbi as saying: “She was my best friend, words can’t sum up what my mum was like”, adding that, “Whatever we wanted even if she had to struggle and work hard, she would make sure we had it because all she wanted was for us to be happy. Even when she started at university she was worried more about us than getting grades.”

The woman had started, “a work placement at the Ridgeway hospital in Wroughton and was studying nursing at the Oxford Brookes campus in Swindon.”

Now the childeren she left behind are reported to be staying with “family friends identified as Dr Joe Sang and his wife Betty in Marlborough.”

This is tragic. If the husband is involved in the murder of his wife, this should wake up African women married to the whites in Britain so that they execise caution at all times.

Many women who leave their countries and get marrin foreign countries to foreigners have to undergo a lot of problems due to cultural differences.

Some man who bring women from African would like to lock them indoors to avoid the women getting acquianted with other Africans who might guide them into understanding the country and how to go about things.

The reason for the killing has not been released by the police. 

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