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Is there a connection between Koigi wa Wamwere, Mungiki sect’s Ndura Waruingi and exiled corruption trumpeter John Githongo?

Posted by African Press International on December 23, 2006

Koigi wa Wamwere<Mr Koigi Wamwere!

Koigi Wamwere of Kenya is a very interesting politician, one not easy to be understood by many.. It is not that all of us have a problem to understand Wamwere, no, not at all!

He is interesting because he always likes to go his own way. Serving in Narc government, Wamwere probably feels not well noticed as an assistant minister.

When a person has gone for the highest office, that of the country president of course it is not easy to feel okay with assistant minister position, one position without a Kenyan flag in front of the motorcade!

Now he wants to ditch Narc and join a new political party. He says one recently registered bearing a name CCM – Chama Cha Mwananchi. Fine.

Why not call it then Chama Cha Mapinduzi! Did the voters think of that? We know that is what it is! A party for revolution? We question, a revolution from what to what?

That is his right, but  we fail to see the point in it, because he does not want want to stand for presidency using the new party’s flag.

He has criticised the newly formed Narc-Kenya and ODM-Kenya and keeps warning the voters to choose good and wise leaders. We agree with him that voters should exercise wisdom.

But we had expected Wamwere to join Narc-Kenya since that is the party he campaigned for, when by-elections were held in the country some months back, elections that saw the late Mirugi Kariuki’s son elected to parliament in Nakuru.

What is the real motive for Koigi Wamwere joining CCM party, a little known party? It he targeting Raila’s Langata?

Raila Odinga

Children on a street in Kibera <Kibera slums in Raila Odinga’s constituency. He plans to run for presidency in 2007, but he must first get a parliamentary seat in a constituency. His Langata constituency might go to Waruinge or Wamwere. Before running for president Raila should develop Kibera first! He has been respresenting the area form many years but Kibera is still a slum area.

We question this move. We are now thinking about Mungiki and Waruinge who was Mungiki sect’s leader now in remand awaiting trail in connection with the recently reported violence in Kibera slums, Raila Odinga’s Langata constituency and Mr Githongo who is still in self exile!

Wamwere has stated clearly that some politicians seem to think that they own constituencies, politicians who get enraged if people that they want to take over the seat. We all know he is talking about Raila and Langata constituency where Waruinge the former Mungiki leader wants to challenge Raila.

Mr Githongo, the corruption trumpeter, whistle-blower John Githongoand President Kibaki’s political headache!

Githongo is reported to be planning to return to Kenya and establish himself as a politician with the support of the international community.

It is reported that he has collected enough campaign money. If he has planned to return to Kenya now, and join in CCM, then this is not something we will wait long before it is announced.

His move will boost Koigi Wamwere’s chances for re-election using CCM party, because the international community has blindly believed Githongo’s accusation of Kibaki’s government.

If Kibaki decides to announce he will seek re-election, then Githongo is said to be ready to stay in his self imposed exile, until Kibaki retires from the presidency. Just like Koigi Wamwere vowed years ago, that he would not return to Kenya from Norway, unless former president Moi was out of power, a promise Wamwere did not keep, because he went back to Kenya before Moi left office.

The Mungiki sect is said to have a violent past. Here Mungiki followers former leader is stretching his hand after he was released some years back.>

But now former Mungiki leader, a preacher of peace, a changed man wants to be a member of parliament representing Langata constituency residents. e wants to develop Kibera slums into something better for the residents. Raila has led Kibera for many years.

It is reported that Mungiki has about 4 million followers Members of Mungiki, the Kikuyu fundamentalist sectready to support the former Mungiki leader. It is easy to ferry them to Langata to vote. This means Raila has a problem in the coming elections. Waruinge is set to win because of ODM-K crumble, and arguments that will see the leaders fight to agree on who to represent them as flag bearer in the constituency.

When Waruinge recently toured Kibera, to meet the voters, Raila cried foul and managed to have Waruinge arrested and now the former sect leader is faced with a court case that is very unnecessary. This will give Waruinge a lead in the polls because he is now being politically harassed and the voters will put into account the suffering he is now undergoing and give him sympathy votes.

Therefore, what we now see is CCM party being activated, and 3 main top contenders is said to be Waruinge – the former Mungiki sect leader, Mr Githongo – Kibaki’s political nightmare on corruption, and Koigi Wamwere – assistant minister in Kibaki’s government.

Many might question why we are connecting Koigi Wamwere to Mungiki sect. Remember Wamwere one day while holding a public meeting, joint Mungiki to smoke a joint on stage and gave his support to the sect.

Otherwise why is Mr Wamwere now speaking about politicians who think they own constituencies, and at the same time talks about Kibera violence and not Mathare? Does that ring a bell as to where he is heading to or what he is telling the voters, that he is targeting Raila and Langata constituency?

In fact, do not be surprised to hear Koigi Wamwere announcing that he will contest Raila’s Langata seat while supporting Waruinge to run in his Subukia constituency. Wamwere can easily thrash Raila in Langata if he goes for that seat.

When it comes to Githongo, we do not know where he plans to contest. It is definitely not going to be Kibaki’s Othaya constituency.

But it would safe for Raila to run in Bondo constituency ad take over the seat that his father had. That of course will make problems for the bother who has the seat at the moment. Maybe Bondo constituency can be divided into two. Bondo North and Bondo South constituencies respectively! This would solve the problem for the brothers.

A political thriller begins early next year. And it is feared by some, including Raila Amolo Odinga, that the Mungiki sect supporting Waruinge, can easily decide to beat the votes out of the voters who refuse to cast them in support of their former leader.



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