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Malawi: The importance of a hoe in Africa!

Posted by African Press International on December 10, 2006

A Malawian cultivates a field with a hoeA Malawian man at his farm.

A hoe is an important tool in Africa and especially in Malawi.

A family without one is considered to be poor. A hoe is key to life in a household.

A Malawian man has told the media, “I do not know how I could live without my old trusted hoe. What else can an African use to till the land?”

Using the hoe one canproduce millions of tonnes of agricultural produce reducing poverty.

When couples marry it is one of the important gifts they are given in the region as a symbol to to the man, to make him understand that life depends on a hoe.

According to BBC. the Malawian man says, “today, I am healthy and strong because my family knows that without a hoe we are nothing,” adding, “long live the African hoe.”

In many regions, however, people turn to modern facilities to tilt the land and produce agricultural products in large quantities for sale and some to feed the family, and yet the tradition of the hoeas key to family food production remains respected.

By Korir, African Press International – API.

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