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Missing Africa: The beauty of a woman’s behind appreciated by Luo musician!

Posted by African Press International on November 21, 2006

A Luo woman married to an Italian says Africans know how to have fun. While in Italy, she has said something she missed most is the life in Africa.

She misses Africa mostly because of fun; “our way to support each other, even in circumstances where we have no money at all;” she says 

Performers in Kenya

Perry Akinyi Brusotti married to an Italian says Africans know how to enjoy life!

In African funerals, you cry as loud as you want. Comparing to funerals in Europe where it is rare to see anyone crying in funerals, we understand how one can miss Africa and the African people’s social network!

Infact, African funerals, although you cry with all the might, the funeral attendees will feast and eat in a big way as if it is a party.

People in the continent help each other a lot. They care for one another and they enjoy doinge doing things together.

And Akinyi says, “Africa, a place where I can leave my child with the neighbour when the babysitter runs away, and I will find the baby intact.”

On music she says, “It is a place where I learnt to appreciate music: how I miss how each Friday we would all dress up in our best to go out and dance to Luo and Lingala music like there was no tomorrow. The rhythm of Luo music, the words of the Luo musician that appreciated nothing but the beauty of a woman’s behind.”

For a European, this may sound grazy, but for those who understand African culture and traditions, they know how to enjoy and have fun as Akinyi says, “Oh Africa, the land where big bottoms are not blamed on cellulite, but the beauty of an African heritage. The land where each time I bought new shoes or clothes, I went from office to office to say hello to my friends so they could admire my new acquisition. And where we smile on the streets and we all go to mourn with our neighbours when there is death, and go to see their new-born babies. Africa, where Friday is like the end of the world and we all dance and forget about the political corruption that is surrounding us. There is no African life without music, without dance, without love for life: we love life, we live life in Africa.”

African people know how to enjoy their culture with or without riches!

Europe is full of riches and rich people, but doe snot enjoy life as Africans in Africa. Most of them are lonely and have no time for one another.

You will find children praying hard for their parents to get old quickly so that they put them in old age institutions to be looked after by health workers. They look forward to the day they get old so that they take over the parents’s property and houses they live in.

It is a life without love but a life for love of owning things!

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN.

Source: BBC

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