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Kenya: Does Raila Odinga “hate the Kikuyu community?”

Posted by African Press International on November 19, 2006

<President Kibaki�(left photo)�and the opponent Raila Odinga�(right photo>)

(Published earlier / Republished now due to�huge interest�in the story by our readers. This is happening due to the coming Presidential elections where the two men will battle out in hope to take over State House. ODM-K�almost fell apart when it split into two factions one led by Raila (ODM) and the other Kalonzo Musyoka (ODM-K).�Chances for the two men in a split position to defeat Kibaki’s PANU is getting slim unless they join forces one way or another.

Raila Odinga, when he was the Minister for Roads in�Mwai Kibaki’s government, pulled down many expensive houses in Kenya telling Kenyans that he was doing so, “in the name of roads expansion.”

Many of the houses pulled down belonged to the Kikuyus and�non-Luo�communities who, on loosing their properties,�were denied compensation by the Roads ministry then headed by Raila.

Those who lost their properties had nowhere to go. When the president discovered the infliction�Raila was causing to�the Kikuyu and other communities, he sacked him from the position of the minister in-charge of roads.

When reports were released on the houses Raila ordered pulled down, there was none on the list downed�in�Nyanza Province, Raila’s home province.

Now, Raila has continued his campaign to take over power in Kenya and many question what will happen to the�landlords should Raila become the President.

Will he use his prerogative as “president” to order road expansions that will cause the pulling down of houses without compensation like he did when he was the Roads Minister? Every landlord should have a reason to worry!

A vote for president, may turn into a vote to demolish their houses!

According to the present constitution, the president is above the law. He can order the pulling down of houses without compensation, without risking to be prosecuted.

Kenya should not forget that when Jomo Kenyatta was president, �Raila’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was vice-president. A man who wanted so much to become president. His�political ambition saw�him leave KANU, the�ruling party at the time, to form his own party, the KPU, and got the help�from Russia in order to distabilise Kenyatta’s government.

When Oginga did not manage to take power from Kenyatta, he waited eyeing for the post from the side-lines. Daniel Arap Moi took over from Kenyatta and Oginga’s frustrations could no longer be hidden.

He became very desperate and decided to engineer the attempted coup in 1982, a coup against Moi which almost succeeded. Oginga was at the time in house arrest in Kisumu, but still managed to communicate with the coup plotters.

Raila is now trying to take over the Nyanza torch eyeing for presidency, hoping to dislodge Kibaki by all means possible.

Recently, we reported on two ODM-K leaders who are planning a coup before the 2007 general elections. We also revealed a secret list distributed abroad by ODM-K on power sharing that could see Raila take over the presidency if ODM-K wins the elections.

The Luo community leaders have been quoted in the past saying that it is time for the Luo people to rule Kenya. It now remains to be seen what methods will be used to make to the presidency by all those aspiring to lead Kenya.



This story was published earlier:�Now edited

18 Responses to “Kenya: Does Raila Odinga “hate the Kikuyu community?””

  1. cyrus said

    i wonder wat u argue.raila is the cause of all the poverty in kenya due to his silly tribe who neva pay rent ad yet they


  2. Anonymous said

    How did the central kenya community become so illitirate and misinformed , how did they go back to the year 1978, how does a whole community get infested with jiggers at this age and century? what did the central kenya politicians do to there own people, mess a whole population like this? when i was growing up in kisii kenya we admired kikuyus as being good business people and bright. later as we matured we discovered that their business skill was somehow inferior and lacked well thought plan and strategy for growth and knowledgeble management, no wonder the whole show in business in kenya is largely on foreignors hands ( indians )
    Now my countrymen (kikuyus) from kenya tell me, what businesses do kikuyus have or own, which factory do you own in nairobi? ( exclude those owned by grabbers, thieves like uhuru and family, sk macharia and politicians who rendered kikuyus landless in central kenya) What do Luos own, which business do they run anywhere; what are the 2 stupid tribes in east Africa fighting for when the kenyata family sold kenya to Indians long time ago.
    you see in rwanda radios like the mille collins broadicast exactly like the garbage kenyan journalists do eg in the CITIZEN TV AND THE NATION MEDIA.They deliberatly let the Rutos and Uhurus dominate the print and airwaves. they cheat the jigger infested slum living kenyans ( all kenyans live in kibera, mathare, mukuru kayaba, njenga, ruben etc and indians in westlands, packlands muthaiga, runda, and other 1st world estates in nairobi, prove me wrong if there is one indian living in mathare or kibera) that USA and Raila odinga have taken their sons to the ICC when USA is not a signatory to the same, when raila is a black simple kenyan politician. explain to me when you delibaretly put forwad this information to your stupid kenyan readers, are you not inciting them? when i met the so called learned central kenya youth at juba airport going to work for some white NGO in sudan he almost beat me up coz i contradicted his argument that Raila does not control ICC.imagine what the villager interplates from your misleading prodicasts.


  3. Anonymous said

    pure propaganda!!/


  4. maurice said

    If there could be a world cup for selfless and non-tribalist leaders ,Raila should have been the 2012 undisputed winner!


  5. Anonymous said

    it is unfortunate that we still have such people in o


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